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Sport and Rehabilitation

Train your memory and motor skills with variety interactive games. Sports museum, also called Gamification in Rehabilitation, combines rehabilitation training with games. The application of sensors facilitates monitoring of training effects while adding interest to make boring training interesting.


Kleader can leverage a combination of technologies, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and gesture control, to offer an interactive and immersive digital sports experience. By transforming any location into a limitless virtual sports field, users can engage in a variety of sports like football, basketball, and running. This innovative solution is accessible to all age groups and can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors. Sports museum, also called Gamification Rehabilitation, combines rehabilitation training with games to make boring training interesting.

Ball Training

We offer a range of ball training programs that utilize digital multimedia technology to recreate the electrifying atmosphere of ball games. These programs integrate virtual 3D environments and simulate a range of competition mechanisms found in real ball games to create a more comprehensive and systematic training experience. Additionally, our solutions can be tailored to suit your space's unique characteristics and brand.

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Tennis Table tennis Badminton

Ball Training


Physics ball version


Body sensor version




Physics ball version


Body sensor version


Head bulb body sensor version


Exercise Training

This training program combines various popular forms of sports training such as parkour, jumping, rock climbing, archery, skiing, etc. It features multiple scenario-based training modes that incorporate gamification and virtual technology, making the otherwise dull and tedious fitness activities more entertaining and engaging. By stimulating participants' interests and reducing the obstacles caused by the requirements of professionalism, these training methods encourage young people to actively participate in fitness activities.

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Interactive fitness Trampoline Archery
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Skiing Activate grid game



Multiplayer race running


Single Breakthrough version


Competitive parkour


Theme breakout parkour (ads can be added)




Character jumping 


Theme breakout jump game (ads can be added)


Stacking grid jump




Kids version


Adult version


Sensory & Rehabiltatlon Game

This type training is innovative sensory integration training systems - a multimedia, scenario-based, and interactive training experience that immerses participants in a virtual environment to exercise and relax both physically and mentally. With captivating special effects underfoot and on the walls that respond to movement, children can engage their entire body and enhance their sensory skills. Our design aims to promote cognitive and physical development, encouraging active participation and fostering creativity. This system provides a stimulating, fun, and interactive learning environment that improves physical coordination and spatial awareness.

Ball Training Sensory classroom Hand & Brain training system
Action training games  Holographic Meditation Room

Outdoor Exercise Type

This type of outdoor fitness device integrates various forms of technology and specialized equipment, with good protection and waterproof performance. By using intelligent cameras combined with AI motion algorithms and motion capture systems, it can recognize the movement posture of the exerciser in real time and record their real-time speed and status. Through digitized sports fitness transformation, this intelligent fitness device can meet the problem of traditional fitness equipment's insufficient advocacy and attractiveness for people of all ages. At the same time, the smart fitness device increases entertainment and technology, which can attract various groups of people to participate. We also provide customized exercise programs to meet the needs of different groups of people.

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Outdoor training all-in-one machine

Products Description Outdoor running training

Entertainment Sports Type

Entertaining digital sports games are a type of non-professional training that is characterized by being easy to learn, highly entertaining, stimulating, and incredibly fun. They allow players to fully experience joy and challenges during gameplay, and can attract children and young adults to participate in interactive gaming in public settings while also providing a workout effect. Due to their entertainment and stimulation, these types of games can also bring advertising benefits, attracting more participants and onlookers, thereby increasing brand exposure and product awareness.

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Slide game Swing game Shooting games

Fitness Games


Fitness games


Skipping rope games


Aerobics games


Dance Game


Kids dance game


Double competitive dance game


Immersive dance game




Gamification Rehabilitation is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of rehabilitation training and recovery training. It is an interactive physical therapy system that includes various scenario training. Based on the principles of neuroplasticity and cognitive neuroscience, a game format is used to create an immersive, immersive, and enjoyable therapeutic experience for users, utilizing high-quality audio, images, videos, and force feedback. It is widely used in rehabilitation training and recovery training.

Gamification Rehabilitation, also known as digital sport, fitness gaming or Sports Museum, is commonly used in exhibition halls, museums, school history halls, themed exhibition halls, rehabilitation centres, kindergartens, shopping malls, children's parks, schools, and other places. You can see them in the "Education" category.

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