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Our showroom

Kleader is willing to be an evangelist in the interactive multimedia industry, spending a lot of money to develop and display new interactive technologies! Since the establishment of the company, several new products are released every year, and the functions of old products are constantly updated and iterated. Now the fourth generation showroom is grandly launched! The super strength brings you a new visual experience, makes the interactive body feel more real and smooth, and displays the new technologies, new applications and new highlights of the products in front of your eyes!

Here, you can get the most popular interactive products and technologies. Get clear product design ideas through experience, and provide a more realistic style reference for your purchase. The new interactive technologies that major dealers are concerned about will also be displayed in turn.

Whether you are a customer or a colleague, you can come to our showroom to visit, learn and communicate, and broadcast the latest technology in the industry. Your expectation is the driving force for our growth, and your suggestion is the goal of our work!

Panorama overview


The area of the fourth-generation exhibition hall was expanded to more than 200 square meters.

The entire exhibition hall uses a central control system to control lights and equipment, which is sensitive and convenient.

There are a wide variety of display products, including multi-directional interactive carriers such as walls, floors, desktops, showcases, and immersion, as well as multi-sensory interaction methods such as touch, sound, strength, gestures, and airflow. It is an unforgettable place for interaction lovers.

Another naked eye 3D display area has not been opened yet, so stay tuned!

Dual screen interactive area


The dual-screen interactive area mainly includes: interactive graffiti and photography, somatosensory flip advertisement, information display wall, sound interaction and force interaction, dozens of wall interactive games, and more than a dozen wall display cases.

Product interaction in this area is excellent. Covering a variety of interactive methods, the experience process is not boring, and it is waterproof, knock-resistant and load-bearing.

Ground interaction area


The ground interaction area mainly includes: hundreds of ground interaction effects, magic piano, gesture interaction, airflow interaction, etc.

The products displayed in this area cover a variety of sensory interaction methods and are suitable for visitors who love interaction.

Immersive Interactive Zone


The immersive interactive area mainly includes: nearly 100 holographic immersive interactive projections, holographic model rooms, throwing screens, holographic fans, interactive answering machines, electronic signatures, interactive bicycles, etc.

The products displayed in this area not only have an extremely wide range of applications, but also have excellent interactive effects. The 360-degree wrapping experience makes visitors intoxicated.

VR experience area


The VR experience area mainly includes: 14 categories of dozens of VR games and learning materials and green back keying, etc. The amount of finished content displayed can be called a VR material library!

LED interactive area


The LED interactive area mainly includes: a variety of LED information display effects, LED water flow screen display, electronic board newspapers, etc. The display effect is good, and the interactive effect is sensitive.

Somatosensory interaction area


The somatosensory interaction area mainly includes: 22 somatosensory interactive games, shadow particles, somatosensory interactive quiz, somatosensory broken screen, somatosensory role-playing, virtual commentary, virtual clothes changing, etc.

This regional product type is applicable to the whole industry and also includes a variety of general exhibition items.

Lighting interactive area


The lighting interaction area mainly includes: point light source interaction, digital tube interaction, downlight touch interaction, light strip interaction and other lighting interaction equipment, as well as various experience forms such as display, touch, and follow. It is an indispensable choice for cultural tourism night travel places.

Desktop interactive area


The desktop interactive area mainly includes: interactive identification table, magic sand table and building block transportation table.

Often used for display and children's entertainment projects. It has the advantages of accurate identification and sensitive response, small footprint, and easy to stimulate interaction enthusiasm.

Touch interactive area


The touch interactive area mainly displays the touch graphite wall, which makes the display content "live". It is a very popular interactive display device.

Lightbox interactive area


The light box interactive area displays interactive light boxes and light belt following devices. Among them, the light box display effect can be adjusted to transparent/opaque, the effect is clear and bright, and the touch interaction effect is first-class.

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