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KLEADER is the greatest multimedia supermarket of China,400+ multimedia items're on sale. KLEADER's is specialize in amazing high-tech art installation,rich interactive holographic devices,competitive hardware supply,a variety of mature multimedia interactions.

Wuhan Kleader multimedia Co., Ltd. has been established for ten years, specializing in all kinds of interactive multimedia and development of supporting, sensors, software and digital video content. Our company's price is transparent, service attitude is good, technology is strong, and non-customized items can be refunded within 7 days. In terms of products, we have developed various interactive applications and visual effects for projection, touch screen, LED screen, and lighting. Gesture interaction, touch interaction, somatosensory interaction, sound interaction, gravity interaction, rotation interaction, infrared interaction, conductive interaction, button interaction and other interactive forms of technology are all mature. Party building hall, science and technology hall, light and shadow hall, safety education hall and other exhibition halls, we have sorted out hundreds of mature software. We have finished solutions for video content for L-shaped screen, cave and single-sided screen, no need to customize. We provide a package of solutions from design solutions, software and hardware development, to construction integration. In terms of qualifications, we are a high-tech enterprise and a gazelle enterprise in Wuhan. In terms of honors, we have won five-star after-sales service, first-class multimedia engineering system integration, and Chinese integrity enterprise. Our customers are all over the country, and we have trading partners and agents in Africa, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and South Asia! The value of our existence is to reduce prices and improve customer service experience by improving efficiency and scale. Get to know Keling, do interactive new media without worry!

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