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Product Detail
Painted silhouettes

Product introduction:

The shadow art wall interaction includes: Xinghai Interaction, Somatosensory Shadow Dance, Human Shadow Interaction, Human Shadow Ink Painting, Somatosensory Oil Painting Particles, Somatosensory Animation Wave, Somatosensory Particle People, Fluid Particle Interaction.


1.Ice and fire   Interaction

Youtube watch link of the video

The two players act the roles of water and fire, and when they gesture towards each other, the particles of water and fire merge.

there are 5 forms by default.


2.Art Shadow Dance

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People dance in front of the screen , the screen will appear the cool particles of the shadow of a person, what the person do, the shadow will follow the person to do the same action.And as the amplitude of the dance increases, due to the inertia of the particles, they drift out and slowly gather back.


3.Interactive Typographic Installation

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By default, the screen displays pictures and videos. When the person walks up to the screen, the one's shadow will be projected onto the screen, and another image will be displayed, which can be changed by yourself.People's shadows can also interact with the ball for entertainment.


4. Shadow Ink Painting

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The picture in Ink wash painting and the shadow figure are fully integrated into one, the movement of the shadow   figure will impact the elements in the painting.And the movement of the shadow and the player at this time is exactly the same.


5.Somatosensory Oil Painting Particles

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The photos are digitally processed and turned into oil molecules.When a person passes in front of the painting, it's as if the molecules of the painting are stirred,and then   scattered.When people walk by, after a period of time will slowly return to the original.


6.Somatosensory Animation Wave

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Cartoon characters on the screen also emit light waves when the player stands in the sensing area and waves with their hands.All cartoon characters can be replaced with other cartoon characters.


7. Angel wings

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When the person stands in the sensing area, an angel appears on the screen to follow the person's actions. When the player waves his arm, the angel also waves his wings.

8.Particle People

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The somatosensory particle man contains 16 kinds of magical and cool particle special effects (multiple special effects), support 1-4 people to interact at the same time, and customize the main elements of the interaction.


9.Fluid Particle Interaction

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Support TUIO protocol triggering of radar or laser camera or touch screen, (touch non-somatosensory) Party A can provide 1 to 3 free replacement pictures, and the picture resolution is the screen resolution.


System structure:



1.You can add your logo as an advertising element in some games
2. Some interactive special effects can change the background image, which can attract more people to your ads.
3.Support Remotely management

4.Customized development service

How does it work?


Installation & after-sales service

1.1 year warranty for hardware&components

2.Provide the specification of machine, to teach customer how to operate the machine;

Send photos and video to customers for reference;

3.Door-to-door service need extra charge!

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