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Product Detail
Garbage Sorting Game

Product introduction:

1.Physical waste classification

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Players entering the game can see four trash cans resembling basketball frames and a trash conveyor belt.

The conveyor belt will continue to transport garbage. Players need to determine which category the garbage belongs to and press the corresponding button.Support single and double PK modes


System structure


2.Good eyes and quick feet Garbage sorting interactive game

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Quickly interact with eyes and feet, the experiencer looks at the garbage on the big screen of the game, judges which category the garbage belongs to, and uses their feet to step on the corresponding floor tiles and trash sections.

Support single and double PK modes



3.Rubbish travel

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This product uses a light box to show you the "ins and outs" of rubbish:

It is a set of interactive light boxes controlled by a single-chip microcomputer. It needs to be wall-mounted. The size can be customized according to the size of the wall.Participants place their hands in the palm-shaped area and activate the device, which will trigger two main functions of the product at the same time:

1. Deduction of the cleaning and transportation process of domestic garbage: four running water lights are instantly lit from the palm area, and the lights flow to the four sorted trash bins and light them at the same time, implying that garbage is generated from our hands, and then the running water lights will light up in turn Brighten different types of garbage trucks, treatment centers and other facilities, so that participants have an overall understanding of the entire cleaning and transportation process of domestic garbage.

2. Realize visitor flow data statistics: When each visitor reaches out to touch the device, the system will automatically increase and accumulate the number of people, and the accumulated result will be displayed on the digital screen above the device, so as to facilitate the operator to record the similarity of the venue Accurate audience visits


4.Somatosensory garbage classification

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Somatosensory garbage sorting game, the player needs to reach out and move the cursor to start the game. There will be different kinds of garbage falling to the ground in the game.Players need to reach out and grab the trash in the screen and move it to the correct trash can.


System structure


5.Interactive game of sweeping garbage on the ground

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6.Atmospheric protection wall interaction

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7.Trash sorting touch screen answer

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Multiple players can compete for rankings at the same time. There will be garbage on the top of the screen.Experiencers need to answe, and the first person who answers correctly scores


System structure


8.VR science waste sorting

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Divided into two modules: garbage classification science and garbage classification experience, windows version and Android version are available


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9.Garbage classification answer

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System structure


10.Garbage classification Lianliankan

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You can eliminate the same three garbage together


11.Ecological environment planning

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12.Garbage dismantling

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