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Interactive Typographic Installation


Indoor version:

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Outdoor version:

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Piano light + shadow interaction Case appreciation:

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Kleader eight-in-one shadow interactive system (advertising + entertainment + WeChat sign-in and sending barrage + 3D lottery + no background keying photo), one-stop solution for various types of shadow interaction, a set of systems for different gameplays, and each function Configurable! Keling Shadow Interactive uses kinect2 to capture images of the human body and supports up to 6 people. You can choose to display real scenes or virtual silhouettes. When the experiencer is standing in front of the big screen, what the experiencer does, the silhouette in the big screen will do what the action is. Participants can also sign in and send barrage through their mobile phones. After signing in, they can draw a lottery. Keling shadow interactive system, diverse modes, diverse gameplay, diverse creativity!

kleader shadow interactive function explanation, advertising + entertainment + WeChat sign-in + 3D lottery + no background keying photo taking eight major ideas, real interaction + simple shadow interactive all included, you can configure the switching function!

1. Advertising creativity: The traditional shadow advertising wall (the edge of the figure is optimized and the display effect is better). The background adopts a black picture with JD LOGO, and the foreground adopts a video with text flowing. Then an extended monitor is dedicated to playing the foreground video.


2. Advertising creativity: shadow advertising LOGO ball.The background is a dynamic building video, and the foreground uses ad text.Turn on the pinball mode and the interactive advertising language mode (you can change the advertising language on the head by waving your hand, and this interaction supports changing the advertising language by yourself), the ball can be replaced with the company LOGO, the PNG image can be realized on the head, and the image can be changed by hand.


3. Wechat sign-in, and a lottery barrage will be issued.After the guest arrives, scan and sign in through WeChat. At this time, the image and name of the guest who signed in will be displayed on the big screen, and then you can send a bullet screen message at any time to display it on the big screen. The sign-in photo and name will be saved as a pictureIn the folder, you can draw a lottery through the 3D lottery software.




4.advertising and entertainment: no background keying, interactive photography.There is no background keying effect, the keying edge is neat and smooth, and the advertisement background image can be changed by yourself, which will greatly increase the spread of the experience of the advertisement.


5. Advertising creativity: the shadow becomes the LOGO. Everyone turns into a LOGO in front of the screen. The closer the person is, the bigger the LOGO is, and the farther the person is, the smaller the LOGO. (LOGO supports custom replacement of pictures)


6.entertainment creativity: somatosensory change face interaction. The somatosensory camera will display the real scene in the screen, and everyone will automatically give an animal image or cute expression in front of the screen. You can also switch with a wave. Choose your favorite image and take a photo together!


7. Entertainment creativity: advertising slogan wall.Collect real scenes or human shadow interactions. When the person comes, the blessing greeting or PNG image will automatically pop up on the head, and you can change it with a wave of your hand!



8. 3D lottery.For guests who sign in through WeChat, the photos are automatically saved to the folder, and the 3D lottery software of our company can be used to draw a lottery, multiple people can be drawn at a time, or the default winner can be selected.


The above 8 ideas are just reference samples we provide, more ideas are waiting for you to think!

Outdoor portrait version:


kleader shadow interactive debugging and system advantages

1. All pictures and videos can be replaced by themselves, and the background and foreground (human image foreground) support pictures. (jpg) and video (mp4) two formats, we also provide 3 sets of default creative for your reference, and whether there is background music, and can be replaced.

2. Take pictures by touching the button in the hand, scan and download on WeChat, share in Moments, and the advanced version can also download pictures and new Internet gameplay after paying attention to the official account. The camera function can be hidden.

3. Adaptive to any resolution, adapt to the irregular resolution of the LED, to achieve point-to-point display. Multiple people can experience it at the same time, and up to 6 people can interact at the same time.

4. The silhouette of the silhouette is rounded and neat, showing a better display effect

5 Self-configuration using real scenes or silhouettes

6 You can configure the LOGO mode, face change mode, shadow change LOGO mode, no interactive mode, and the LOGO can be replaced by itself.

7 You can configure whether there is a bouncy ball by yourself. The bouncy ball can be replaced with a png image, such as a LOGO, and the number of bouncing balls can be customized. You can configure whether there is a bouncy ball by yourself.

8 section of the silhouette system, using noise filtering algorithm, keying without noise, easy to debug in any scene

9The human body sensing distance range can be set to prevent interference from other people

10 If an extended screen is connected, it can automatically play in the foreground on the wall and on the wall without any settings.

11 Support WeChat sign-in, with guest statistics function

12 All WeChat sign-in guests can participate in a 3D lottery

13 Support no background keying photos, and can be customized development

14 can be customized and developed, as long as you have ideas, welcome to submit.

The downloading process of WeChat taking photos from the air (the camera button can be hidden):


Shadow interactive products are easy to operate:

The operation is extremely simple, and it can be quickly set directly through the setting wizard, so that every activity will not go wrong and it is easy to get started!

Scope of application:

This product is very suitable for event companies, planning companies, equipment rental companies, exhibition display companies and display equipment manufacturers. This product is very good for product promotion, very attractive to customers, attracting traffic, and increasing popularity!  Use the shadow of KelingInteractive wall, plus your creativity can achieve many functions.Let's take a look at everyone's creativity together!

Hardware Configuration:

Computer: CPU I5, video memory 2G (try to use discrete graphics), memory 4G, hard disk solid state 60G, motherboard with usb3.0 interface (blue port), operating system win8 or win10Kinect2.0: The default 5m data cable, you can purchase a 3m green connection cable extension, if it is longer, you need to buy a usb3.0 optical fiber cable

You can also purchase our company’s physical luminous ball and image bouncy ball to form a whole to create a virtual and real interaction

The standard diameter of the ball is 80CM, and the color of the light will be changed when touched. A charging adapter and an electric pump are provided.

The standard diameter of the ball is 80CM, and the color of the light will be changed when touched. A charging adapter and an electric pump are provided.



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