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Interactive Football Game


Somatosensory head football.png

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Use your head to play football, to challenge football.png


Physical penalty shootout.png

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The penalty shootout game uses a combination of virtual and real interactions. The game interaction between the real ball and the goalkeeper on the screen, restores the football line from multiple angles, the game is highly authentic and entertaining! It’s no longer just an interaction like kicking the air without a physical object. Real football shooting makes people more interested in participating.


Somatosensory penalty kick.png

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The player can adjust the angle of the shot by moving left and right, and then select the appropriate force according to the fluctuation of the force bar on the right to swing the right foot to kick the ball. Exercise the player's physical coordination!


Somatosensory football teaching.png

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Through the system, players can learn football skills such as tiptoe kick, goal goal, arch pass, inner foot shot, header, frontal shot on the back of the foot. Systematic teaching fully reflects entertaining , and stimulates experiencers' love and enthusiasm for football.


Interactive projection football on the ground.png


VR goalkeeper.png

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VR experience goalkeeper.png





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