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MR immersive game

Product introduction:

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1.MR immersive dinosaur interaction

Put the player into the Jurassic world. In a virtual three-dimensional scene, various dinosaurs slowly walk past. When the player raises his hand, food will appear, and the little dinosaurs will rush forward.


Buy it and get a dinosaur race game.


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2.Panda Hug

When you pick a person into a bamboo forest to interact with a panda, the panda will roll towards you while holding a bamboo leaf.The gesture of turning and hugging back and forth is very cute.


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3.MR Christmas Interactive

On Christmas Eve, all kinds of Christmas characters come out to celebrate. At this moment, you can pick up snowballs and throw them on all kinds of Christmas dolls, and various response animations will appear. Come and have a happy Christmas snowball fight


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4.MR immersive Halloween fighting monster interaction

On Halloween night, in the mass graves, various ghosts and monsters will appear. A hammer will appear in your hand. If you hit a monster, you will gain points, and if you hit a puppy, you will lose points.


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5.Lunar somatosensory interaction

The somatosensory lunar experience, you will feel weightless when you make various actions, the lunar rover will pass by you, and the aliens will also appear. Experience a real aviation journey.


Youtube watch link of the video

Youtube watch link of the video

6.MR cut fruit game

We have all played fruit cutting, 3D somatosensory cutting fruit is more cool, holding a ninja knife, cutting the fruit back and forth


System structure:


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Installation & after-sales service

1.1 year warranty for hardware&components

2.Provide the specification of machine, to teach customer how to operate the machine;

Send photos and video to customers for reference;

3.Door-to-door service need extra charge!

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