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Kinect Magic Game

Product introduction:

1.MR Somatosensory Warcraft

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Players truly play as heroes in World of Warcraft, hacking and killing monsters with a weapon in their right hand, and releasing magic with their left hand, giving the monster a fatal blow.


2.MR King Kong fights monsters

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In the interstellar, real people drive King Kong, how real people fight monsters, King Kong fights monsters, until all the monsters are eliminated.


3.MR Elf Forest

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Key the player into the wonderful forest world, hand-control the animal eggs to spin and release, you can hatch the elven animals in the forest to hover and fly.


4.Somatosensory children's magic interaction

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In the forest full of magic, clouds, light balls, sun, woodpeckers, flowers, flying insects, rabbits all have special functions


System structure:


Installation & after-sales service

1.1 year warranty for hardware&components

2.Provide the specification of machine, to teach customer how to operate the machine;

Send photos and video to customers for reference;

3.Door-to-door service need extra charge!

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