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AR Climbing Game


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Kleader Interactive Rock Climbing uses a projector to project the game on the climbing wall, and combines motion capture technology with AR augmented reality technology to achieve an interactive rock climbing game integrating entertainment, puzzles, interaction and fitness. When children are rock climbing, they can also participate in a variety of interactive puzzle games, which not only exercises the physical coordination ability of the children's hands and feet, but also cultivates the children's spirit of not fearing difficulties and obstacles and having the courage to challenge!



Kleader Interactive Rock Climbing contains 10 games, as shown below

Application scenarios: Children's playgrounds, playgrounds, naughty castles, parks, parent-child interaction sites, shopping malls and other multimedia interactive venues.



1. The game has a super eye-catching point, attracting more customers.

Enhance the stickiness of the game, retain more customers, and the game is highly playable, bringing more children to the venue, and at the same time prolonging the children’s playing time in the ball pool, making them reluctant and lingering.

2. Ultra-high-definition huge picture, creating the most dazzling sensory experience.

The ultra-high-definition huge game scene creates the most dazzling visual effects and has super sensory impact, allowing players to be on the scene and feel the magical charm of high-tech!

3. Puzzle quiz to enhance parent-child relationship.

Children can participate together with their parents, parent-child cooperation, and collective breakthroughs, which not only promotes a harmonious parent-child relationship, but also stimulates children to use their brains and think about problems.

4. Be brave and brave, the level is more challenging.

The level-breaking game, accumulate points to win gold coins, and go through the levels layer by layer, making it more challenging. Passing the levels will bring a strong sense of self-confidence and satisfaction to the children.

5. Applicable multiplayer confrontation mode to enhance unit effectiveness.

Children can participate in multiple people together, and the dual-channel can implement a confrontation mode to conduct intellectual and physical confrontation.

6. Beautiful picture, strong sense of technology

Use the projector to project the game screen on the slide, and use the dynamic capture technology to realize the real-time interaction between people and the dynamic screen. The high-precision game screen and gorgeous special effects will surely cause consumers to stop wherever they go and compete to experience the high-tech Magical charm!




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