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KLEADER company sells different kinds of interactive tables supporting tailor service. We can use projectors, LEDs, or LCD screens to make holographic tables. The tables can support touch, object recognition, and displaying stuff, widely used in museums, exhibitions, and events to gather popularity. We can also provide customized games for you to suit your situation.

Touch Screen Interactive Projection Table
Touch Screen Interactive Projection Table
The conventional touch table combines various designs of coffee tables, desks, and display stands, integrating a multi-touch interactive platform. This results in a revolutionary transformation in its functional applications.

For the interactive display of digital content on tabletops, four interactive touch table solutions have been developed: an infrared camera + infrared lamp solution, an infrared camera + laser solution, a radar solution, and a motion sensing solution. These solutions integrate image browsing, video playback, and gaming, and offer customizable content.

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Object Recognition Table Interactive Game Table
Object Recognition Table Interactive Game Table
The object recognition tabletop interactive system supports multiple users with multiple tokens operating simultaneously. It can accurately recognize and display different information contained within each token, allowing users to freely zoom in, zoom out, rotate, slide, and perform other operations. Utilizing holographic projection technology and meeting the performance requirements of various themed scenarios, virtual images seamlessly integrate with the surrounding environment. Diners experience being immersed in the thematic setting, achieving a dual resonance of visual and gustatory senses.
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AR Sandbox Tangible 3D Tabletops
AR Sandbox Tangible 3D Tabletops
The 'Projection Sand Table' uses interactive projection to bring sand to life, empowering kids to 'create clouds, make rain, and magically grow flowers!' It features 10 AR sand table games like 'Magical Grassland,' 'Treasure Digging Agent,' 'Beach Paradise,' 'Four Seasons,' 'Joyful Fishing,' 'Fantasy Sand Sea,' and more! By combining object recognition screens, knobs, and large screens, panoramic video roaming is achieved. Manipulating the knob for forward movement or rotation enables synchronized exploration of scenes within the panoramic video. This is primarily designed for outdoor, large-scale spatial roaming, eliminating the need for modeling as it is entirely achieved through shooting.
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Interaction area and resolution:

100 inches and 4K, or less
Display Device: Projectors, or LCD screens

Interaction method:

Touch or gestures


Interactive table is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of exhibition and interactive display. It is an application of augmented reality technology, which refers to an intelligent desktop that uses cameras and software to match virtual images with actual items and display virtual information based on the essential things. Holographic Tables are typically composed of components such as cameras, displays, computers, and recognition software. The camera captures images of actual items and transmits them to recognition software. The recognition software uses image recognition technology to identify essential items and match them with virtual pictures. If the match is successful, the recognition software will display the corresponding virtual information on the actual item. Holographic Tables can improve user experience and provide more intuitive, vivid, and interactive communication. It is widely used in exhibitions and Interactive Displays.

Holographic Table, also known as interactive table, Multitouch tabledigital table, touchscreen desk, multitouch installationinteractive desk, augmented reality table, table screen or touch table is usually used in shopping malls, restaurants, scenic spots, planning halls, memorial halls, and museums, cultural centres, corporate exhibition halls and other various exhibition halls. You can see them in the "Science and Technology" category.

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