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Game-based Learning

Learn and Train Cognitive Skills while having Fun. Game-based learning uses new sensory interactions to enhance the fun of games and integrates learning content into games to achieve Gamification in education.

Learn and Train Cognitive Skills while having Fun. Game-based learning uses new sensory interactions to enhance the fun of games and integrates learning content into games to achieve Gamification in education.

Immersive Classroom


Kleader's immersive classroom integrates multiple senses and class functionality to create a simulated environment for interactive learning. The immersive multimedia classroom provides various virtual reality scenarios and situations, motivating students and improving educational outcomes. Through the use of multimedia technology, the classroom offers various interactive learning opportunities, including games, tasks, quizzes, and more, promoting active student engagement and facilitating learning.  Kleader's immersive classroom offers an innovative and effective approach to learning


Sensory &  Rehabilitation Game

This interactive sensory projector system for a sensory room helps children engage, relax, de-stress, and stimulate. Sensory projectors are a relatively new technology that blends visual cues with physical engagement to create a beneficial sensory environment catered to the individuals looking to use them. We built an L-sharp projection area cover on one side of the wall and the floor. There are over one hundred projection games used for training motor sensory skills. The children can get different aspects’ rewards from the games respectively. Benefits for its visitors include.


Interactive Puzzle Wall

Block Wall

With this puzzle wall, kids can deeply realize the theory of gravity while playing with virtual toy bricks. They can also study lots of shapes by touching the digital elements or just stepping on a moving pattern. When the kids touch or step on an element, the element will produce movement or intensity of color or light to create an astonishing visual effect. The sensor can detect the position where the kids’ fingers touch or feet move. In addition, the sensor can recognize the gestures of how the kids interact.

The Reaction Wall game is an interactive projection game specifically designed for infants and toddlers. Featuring a variety of captivating shapes on the screen, the game facilitates the recognition of graphics and promotes the development of children's motor, cognitive, emotional, creative, and social skills.

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Black & White Block Version Candy wall blocks version Graphical Cognitive System

Education Wall Lab


Education wall Lab is a multi-touch interactive gamification educational product. The product digitizes traditional wall games, includes 12 different games, and allows children to enhance creativity and hands-on ability in exploration


Interactive Educational Quiz System


Interactive Educational Quiz system blend puzzle-solving and knowledge-based challenges to help children learn new things and exercise their cognitive abilities. These games incorporate features such as ranking and achievement systems, offering entertainment, excitement, and encouragement for children to continually advance their knowledge and skills. Overall, these games provide a fun and stimulating way for children to learn and grow


Artistic Enrichment For Children

Creative Painting Games


Imagine a lively animal created by yourself appearing on the big screen, which merely requires being drawn on A4 paper. Then it is scanned by a high-speed scanner. After that, the colorful animals will come out in the game. Furthermore, you can touch them with your finger. As a response, diverse animals will show different actions. We prepare six themes, such as the ocean, ice, dinosaurs, and so on, for daily changing.


Magic Sandbox


The AR interactive sand table revolves around children's nature of playing with sand. With the help of interactive projection technology, children can experience superpowers such as piling up sand into mountains, digging pits into seas, and stimulating children's creativity and hands-on through cooperation while playing with sand.


Musical Instruments Wall


The Musical Instruments Wall is akin to a magical Hogwarts wall, where slumbering instruments await to be awakened by the touch of fingertips. Once touched, the instruments come to life, playing an array of tunes accompanied by animation effects. From saxophones and violins to guitars, drum kits, electronic organs, handbells, trumpets, and more, the variety of instruments available is sure to capture children's attention and ignite their interest in music   


Music Creation Games


Music Creation Games - With the soundtrack playing, players can step on the corresponding real piano keys on the ground according to the prompts of colorful notes falling on the screen. Then they can play piano music and also can play together with their friends.


Dance Games


The dance game allows children to exercise their sense of rhythm, body perception, and motor control by following along with the music and dance moves. The game offers a variety of dance scenes, including cartoon characters like bears and dogs that children can learn from, as well as the use of MR technology that places children directly in the middle of a virtual stage to showcase their moves. Through the dance game, children can enhance their confidence and self-expression while having fun.


Museum Media Display

Career Experience Games offer a fun and educational way for children to explore a variety of professions and learning opportunities. The game includes a range of virtual career scenarios and situations, allowing children to experience different professions in a virtual environment while learning career skills and knowledge through role-playing and task completion.

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Water games Driver


按钮 按钮 按钮

 Interactive Avatars 


The virtual 3D character copies your action in real-time, widely used in activities or special museums. The 3d character and the 3D scenery can be replaced easily. We can offer customized services for the buyer and add extra interactive functions according to your procedure.In additional, we provide KINECT game development kit for you to develop your own game yourself.

Coronavirus Game

We have developed several kinds of coronavirus games for public health museum so that the visitors may gain the awareness of precaution and control for the epidemic while playing the games.The experiencer can use "physical movements" to remotely control the "nano-chariot" to fight against the viruses that appear, and then use their fists to launch "energy bombs", different viruses will have different scores, hit various viruses, corresponding points will be awarded.


Teaching Equipment

Smart Board

Smart Board uses digital technology to replace traditional blackboards and whiteboards, making teaching and presentations more efficient and convenient. Intelligent sliding blackboards and electronic whiteboards typically offer features such as writing and drawing. They can also be connected to computers, projectors, and other devices, providing more functionality and flexibility.





Interactive walls for education is one of the very popular and applied products in the field of interactive teaching and interactive learning. It is a new teaching method that combines various digital media technologies to make teaching more vivid and interesting while also improving students' learning outcomes. The digital learning platform is an educational platform that integrates learning, interaction, and gaming. It can provide students with learning resources for various subject knowledge, such as learning videos, online test questions, teaching documents, etc. At the same time, it can also provide students with online interactive games, such as lesson games, simulation experiments, etc., enabling them to learn knowledge in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, improving their learning interest and effectiveness. It is widely used in Interactive playgrounds and Sports Games.

Game-based learning, also known as gamification in education, interactive learning, interactive walls for education, interactive teaching games, Interactive Classroom Activities or ar lesson is commonly used in school history centres, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, and other places. You can see them in the "Education" category.

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