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KINECT Role Playing games-Somatosensory video

Somatosensory Diver

Somatosensory Penguin

Somatosensory Cosplay

Somatosensory Tiger

Somatosensory Primitive

Explore the immersive role-playing adventure, welcome to KINECT somatosensory role-playing game area! Here, every action and decision is personally experienced and controlled by you, and you will feel an unprecedented interactive experience.

Through our selected videos, we can see how players use KINECT's advanced technology to transform their actions into those of the characters in the game. Watch our somatosensory video now and witness how KINECT takes role-playing games to a new level of interaction!

The above is the demonstration video of the role-playing game of our company's product motion-sensing interactive system, including the motion-sensing diver, the motion-sensing penguin, the motion-sensing cosplay, the motion-sensing tiger, the motion-sensing primitive man, etc. The motion-sensing camera realizes the interaction by capturing the human bone point, which is a very interesting interaction mode.

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