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New Fusion Soft Setup Tutorial

Welcome to follow KLEADER's detailed guide to set up Fusion Soft Step - This will provide more convenient technical support for our Projection Mapping Software and other products. In the video, We will provide you with a quick start guide to our new fusion software and a tutorial on the configuration of some professional graphics cards,we'll show you how this powerful and intuitive software creates new dimensions in artistic creation. Explore the infinite possibilities of digital art and experience the new experience New Fusion Soft provides for your creativity!

How to set up mosaic mode for NVIDIAprofessional graphics cards.

set up mosaic mode

Quick start guide for the new fusion software.

(Trial version download: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AvIhvZTIu1pdhjm1r-vZqTnfFzvD

new fusion software

How to configure EDID for NVIDIA professional graphics cards.

(According to personal needs, it can be set or not.)

How to configure EDID

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