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Company Overview

Our office environment is an innovative, vibrant, and collaborative space imbued with a technological atmosphere. Located in the heart of Wuhan, Hubei, China, our headquarters occupies 200 square meters, equipped with comprehensive facilities to provide employees with a comfortable and efficient workspace.
Honor Wall Honor Wall
Brain-storming Brain-storming
interactive meeting room Interactive meeting room
Working environment Working environment
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Showroom Overview

Corridor Corridor
immersive space immersive space
display screen display screen
interactive projection interactive projection
Showroom Area: 200 square meters.
Exhibition Area: Our showroom encompasses the latest and most advanced product series, including interactive floor projection, interactive wall projection, multi-screen interactive technology, virtual cycling interactive systems, immersive systems, motion-sensing interactive systems, sensor-based interactive systems, and more. Here, you can experience our products comprehensively and appreciate their outstanding performance and innovative design.
Product Experience: In our showroom, you will have the opportunity to delve into and personally experience a variety of our products. We provide professional guidance services to ensure a clear understanding of the performance and features of each product. Feel free to ask questions, and our team will be dedicated to providing detailed answers.
Visit Arrangements: If you are interested in visiting our showroom, we warmly welcome your presence. Please make an appointment in advance so that we can arrange professional guided tours, ensuring you gain a thorough understanding of our company's technological innovations and product advantages.

Customer Album

Customers came from around the world, making a special visit to our showroom to personally experience and gain in-depth insights into our products. We provided them with a diverse range of customized solutions, ensuring they receive more substantial returns. Throughout the process of mutual communication and learning, we not only forged deep friendships but also solidified a strong consensus for collaboration.
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KLEADER's goal: We care about our customers more than profit, so we provide quality products and services.

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