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Interactive Museum Exhibits understand the importance of an interactive experience – they help educate, increases dwell time and make for a more enjoyable experience for your guests. Museum exhibitions enriched with digital technology are becoming a decisive factor for a growing number of visitors. Technology and technological innovation have broken many barriers between the museum and its audience, exhibits, and spectators. Are you wondering how to design a multimedia museum? Our company provides a series of interactive exhibition items, most of which can be customized and modified. The following is a part of our interactive exhibits. You can choose what you want.KLEADER Corp provides high-quality and competitive price systems.Any Exhibition design can be customized to find the Interactive Digital Design you want.

interactive museum exhibits

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Interactive Digital Content Display

Using projection or LED screen technology to display digital images on the wall, audiences can interact with the digital content through touch, gestures, or other interactive methods. The content in this product series is customizable by customers and can be adapted to various museum themes.

Holographic Projection

Utilizing holographic projection technology to present three-dimensional images, creating the illusion of objects suspended in the air, providing a more realistic visual experience.

AR &VR Experience

Augmented Reality

By leveraging augmented reality in the combination of museum exhibits, museums can engage visitors in innovative and interactive ways, fostering deeper connections, and enhancing the educational and entertainment value of their collections.AR can provide additional information about artifacts or exhibits through virtual overlays. Visitors can use their smartphones or dedicated AR devices to scan objects or exhibit labels, triggering digital content such as 3D models, videos, or textual information that enriches the visitor's understanding and engagement.

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Virtual Reality Exhibits

Our VR/AR Sightseeing Telescope is here to make your dream of immersive exploration come true! The Sightseeing Telescope offers a 360-degree self-guided sightseeing mode and a wide range of view angles, providing a more realistic experience. We also offer customization options for the base structure and digital content of the VR/AR telescope, ensuring that customers receive an aesthetically pleasing all-in-one product that's ready to use once powered up.

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Customized Interactive Device Interaction

We have designed various sensor-interactive hardware, combining them with projection digital technology to create multisensory interactive scenes for the audience to engage with. This expands traditional interactive methods into a more diverse range of interactions.

Touchscreen Display

Install touchscreen devices, allowing visitors to browse information, watch videos, and engage in interactive games by touching the screen.

Interactive Device

Our company can provide a large quantity of various multimedia hardware, including touchscreen all-in-one machines, LED screens, and splicing screen devices, among others.

Exhibition Control And Content Management       

Exhibition Control And Content Management The multimedia center control app on mobile PAD is an essential software in museums, exhibitions, or venues with many multimedia devices. The center control system uses a wireless connection to turn on or off projectors, computers, monitors, LED screens, volume, mute screens, and even lights. The control app can also switch which video or soft is playing on the specific computer. We truly make out that all hardware and software are controlled on just one wireless pad that the commentator can take anywhere in the venue so that when it begins to commentate the exhibit, it can switch to what it needs efficiently.

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Full Service For Your Exhibition Project

Kleader has successfully supported numerous museums and exhibitions in transforming into immersive digital experiences. We offer comprehensive services, including interactive exhibit design, software development, hardware installation, and technical support. With our expertise, we know what works and how to achieve your goals.

Our process involves:

1. We assess your exhibition concept, exhibits, and space.

2. Through a creative exchange, we collaborate on interactive approaches to engage visitors and determine thematic focuses.

3.We translate ideas into a concrete project plan, including software, content management system, necessary hardware, and its architectural integration, all within a defined timeline.

4. we bring the plan to life, delivering your interactive exhibition at your desired location within a few months.

We also offer mature products shown below , including a range of interactive exhibits in established pavilions, ready for integration into your own pavilion. These contents can be customized to suit your specific theme.

To begin this exciting journey, reach item number one on your agenda: contact us for a free, no-obligation initial consultation or visit our showroom for a firsthand experience.

Interactive Digital Design


Interactive Museum Exhibits are one of the most popular and applied products in the fields of Interactive Displays and exhibitions. It refers to the use of digital technology to digitize museum cultural relics to create a virtual and interactive museum display form. Museum Exhibition allows viewers to enjoy museum collections of cultural relics and exhibitions online anytime, anywhere through the Internet, mobile terminals, etc., thereby breaking through time and space constraints, breaking the physical barriers of traditional museums, and giving more people the opportunity to understand and experience culture Heritage charm. At the same time, digital museums can also enhance the audience's sense of experience and participation through interactive display, multimedia technology and other means and improve the attraction and influence of the museum. It is widely used for Interactive Displays and exhibitions. 

Interactive museum exhibits , also known as interactive exhibition, Museum Exhibition, Interactive Digital Design, interactive museum, hologram museum, Interactive exhibit design, Exhibition design, museum display ideas or museum exhibition design is usually used in tourist attractions, exhibition halls, museums, science and technology museums, school history museums, are typically used in exhibition halls, technology museums, corporate pavilions, museums, and memorials. You can see them in the "Tourist attractions and events" category.

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