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Hologram projector utilizes optical principles to cast lifelike three-dimensional images into air space, providing audiences with an unparalleled visual experience. Whether for corporate branding, artistic exhibitions, or entertainment and interactive experiences, holographic projection technology offers a fresh visual impact.

In this solution, we will cover everything from air-based interactive projections to holographic display cabinets, holographic fans, and laser beam technology, offering a comprehensive suite of holographic projection solutions and a variety of cutting-edge applications. These technologies not only facilitate the display of realistic virtual images but also enable deep interaction with the audience, creating an immersive visual feast.

Hologram Device

Hologram Fan

 Holographic fans are types of displays that produce a holographic-like image seemingly floating in the air, by having strips of RGB LEDs attached to the blades of the fan and a control-unit lighting up the pixels as the fan turns around, to produce the full picture.It can also be paired with various types of enclosures to suit outdoor environments or be combined to form larger-scale displays, enhancing

 the holographic projection’s impact and versatility.

3d hologram projector

360-degree holographic display Transparent Box
360-degree holographic display screens utilize circularly arranged projection units, enabling a comprehensive 360-degree holographic representation of objects from all angles. The transparent screen display case features cutting-edge transparent display technology, projecting three-dimensional, floating images on the showcase. This creates an illusion for viewers as if the cabinet contains a three-dimensional object, blending the displayed product inside the cabinet with the holographic image to achieve a seamless integration or overlay, offering a visually stunning presentation.
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Light Hologram

By leveraging high-energy laser beams to generate light within a space and precisely controlling them to form three-dimensional images, this approach showcases fantastical laser visuals and stunningly vivid light effects across a diverse array of spaces. Furthermore, combining laser with holographic projection content unveils a breathtaking laser mapping show, captivating audiences with its heart-stopping spectacle.

outdoor hologram projector

Air Projection and Holographic Projection Interaction Technology

Fog Hologram

Combining fog screen and holography creates a mesmerizing visual experience where lifelike 3D images float in mid-air on a canvas of mist. This innovative technology captivates audiences, making it perfect for immersive installations and advertising. It blends the mystique of fog with vivid holograms, allowing for interactive displays that engage and intrigue. Ideal for events and exhibitions, it transforms any space into a dynamic visual spectacle, merging reality with illusion in an unforgettable display.

hologram projector

Whloe Room Hologram

Immersive holographic projection technology creates a fully immersive experience without the need for 3D glasses. Utilizing advanced multi-angle projection and sensing technology, viewers can move freely, feeling as though they are truly inside the holographic world. Moreover, content can be customized to meet the unique needs of each client, bringing a personalized visual spectacle to every presentation.

hologram device

Water Screen Hologram

The integration of water screen projection shows with holographic technology has created a novel and innovative display method. By applying high-end projection technology onto a water screen and supplementing it with holographic images to create a three-dimensional visual spectacle, combined with music and lighting effects, it presents an audience with a visually stunning performance. This technology is not only suitable for a wide range of occasions but also enables interaction with the audience, offering an unparalleled audio-visual experience.

interactive hologram

Transparent Air Screen 

Transparent screen holographic projection uses screens made from special materials and relies on advanced projection principles to cast virtual images, creating illusion-like visual effects. This allows virtual graphics to seamlessly integrate with real-world environments, or even to create the impression of images floating in mid-air.

holographic projection screen

Indoor/Outdoor Big Screen Hologram

Gauze screen projection technology utilizes a semi-transparent fabric as the projection medium, displaying three-dimensional images to create a dream-like visual experience. This technique is versatile, suitable for settings such as stage backgrounds or outdoor forests, where it not only creates a unique atmosphere but also adds a touch of mystery, offering audiences an extraordinary visual journey.

hologram wall projector

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Our company offers a comprehensive range of products and integrated solutions, including equipment and installation, tailored to the described holographic projection system. We are prepared to provide a free quotation and design services, leveraging our years of experience and professional team. With this end-to-end solution, we commit to transforming any space into a dynamic visual environment, ensuring an immersive and impactful experience that seamlessly blends technology and creativity.

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