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KLEADER is the greatest multimedia supermarket in China. 400+ multimedia items are on sale. KLEADER specialises in amazing high-tech art installations, rich interactive holographic devices, competitive hardware supply, and a variety of mature multimedia interactions.

Our company has been established for ten years. It started with interactive exhibits and 3D content tailoring, gradually developing into a company with multimedia devices, software and 3D animation customisation, proposal design, and system integration. The company fused them into an all-in-one company, significantly improving production efficiency. As the clients distribute anywhere all over the world, how does KLEADER guarantee service quality?

For over a decade, KLEADER has engaged deeply in gamified events, marketing, education, rehabilitation, sports, etc, by creating interactive installations. These are classified as temporary and permanent. The temporary installations are widely used in event & brand activation and commercial activities, and the permanent ones are used in museums or tourism. Secondly, it also started a new branch, KLEADER, LTD, in Toronto, Canada. So, 7 * 24 hours responses instantly can come true in KLEADER. It can not only deliver goods to Asia quickly but also to America. If maintenance service is needed, it's easy for Americans to deliver goods to KLEADER's branch in Toronto without going through customs.

Another problem is that customers have to spend too much time and travel expenses to go to another country or city, which cost is enormous. If they don't come, it's easy to confuse customers' needs. How did KLEADER succeed above other companies?

Seldom interactive multimedia companies have an exhibition hall, but KLEADER has! The company owns an exhibition hall which contains multimedia equipment worth millions of dollars. Besides, it is over 200 square meters. It has been regarded as the leader of the multimedia exhibition hall in central China for a decade. It is a remote live demonstration via video chat that sales use in the company's exhibition hall, which has diversified exhibition items. Be free to contact our sales because demonstrating is free. Our sales will spare no effort to present the items to verify your needs.

Our profile

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