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Our advantage

1. Started up ten years ago, our original intention has remained the same, and we are committed to interactive multimedia.

KLEADER is a veteran of gamification ads, events, education, sports and rehabilitation, etc. We have been based on the market with honest service and high-cost performance, relying on rapid service and optimized management processes to improve ourselves.

However, there are still some phenomena in the market:  some merchants need to pay more attention to reasonable after-sales services after selling the products. Moreover, some of them don't answer any after-sell calls. As we know, most customers need to request tech support from the suppliers. What we can do is not let you worry about after-sales and ensure the smooth acceptance of the project.

2. Rich project experience in the global market, zero mistakes in implementation.

Though many companies can run for a fairly long time, companies seldom keep summarising the experience from each project. The internal management of KLEADER has formed a standard procedure gradually. We will get all client requests using digital management and keep improving ourselves constantly. KLEADER has made deals with about a quarter of countries worldwide, such as Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Russia, the UK, the USA, Canada, etc. We will consider everything before delivering goods to a particular country without reminders.

Note, KLEADER only make reasonable profits and leaves most of the profits to our customers, and would rather not make the deal than make the project undone or unable to fulfil.

3. Various professional staff, cost-efficiency service and products.

The company must gather different skilled teams to create an interactive installation, which means management and communication are relatively complex. As a veteran in the multimedia industry, KLEADER has a rich and versatile talent pool. There are software engineers, 3D animation-making designers, hardware engineers, graphic designers, and technical and test specialists. Moreover, KLEADER has established a stable relationship with the different types of manufacturers. That means KLEADER can get more convenient support from them. Therefore, if you have any interactive installations to do, don't hesitate to contact KLEADER company. Experienced demand collection specialists will know what you want smoothly and then confirm with you by design sketch.

4. Responding rapidly not only in oriental countries, but also in the western states.

KLEADER is able to radiate efficiently surrounding countries in Asia from its headquarters in China. It starts a new branch in Toronto, Canada, as well. Therefore, the staff of KLEADER can contact American customers during their working hours because we're in the same timezone. Besides, KLEADER is always ready to handle its clients' requests 24 hours because when some staff sleep, the others work. Moreover, KLEADER can deliver goods to the USA without going through customs and provide maintenance service quickly by taking advantage of its new branch in Canada.

5. Integrity enterprise with many certificates, taking relax to deal with KLEADER.

KLEADER has been adhering to the principle of honesty to win the world to run its business. We emphasise win-win cooperation and want to be a sustainable partner with you. In terms of mature products which don't affect secondary sales, we support unconditional refunds. We can also provide door-to-door service to any stable and safe country if our clients are willing to cover the travel expenses.

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