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  • Analysis Of The Characteristics Of The Holographic Display Cabinet in The Exhibition Hall

    In the display industry, we can see some novel exhibition methods that are not common in life. The holographic display cabinet is one of them. Our traditional content presentation form is mainly static plane, but the unique visual effect of the holographic cabinet can attract More visitors, so let's analyze the characteristics it has:

    1. Customization

    The display content of the holographic display cabinet can be customized according to the needs of users. It can display corporate products, city scenes, etc., and even combine physical objects with virtual dynamic images to present visitors with a phantom-like viewing effect. The size and appearance of the 3D holographic display cabinet can be made according to the needs.


    2. Visual depth

    The 3D holographic display cabinet uses holographic projection technology, allowing visitors to see 3D three-dimensional objects without any external equipment, and it is divided into three display forms: 180 degrees, 270 degrees, and 360 degrees. Among them, the 360 perspective holographic cabinet It allows visitors to see the three-dimensional display content from any angle, with a strong sense of visual space.


    3. Perspective

    The holographic projection makes the imaging in the holographic display cabinet very clear, and the light transmission effect of the holographic glass is particularly good, so the color of the imaging effect is very bright, allowing the user to see the details of the displayed product, with a strong sense of perspective and it is presented. The sense of technology also makes many customers choose holographic display cabinets, and at the same time, its appearance is fashionable, and it can also provide visitors with a good viewing experience.

    The use of holographic display cabinets in the exhibition hall has many advantages. If it is the purpose of exhibition hall design to provide visitors with a good display effect, then holographic projection can well achieve this effect and bring the user Come fresh.

  • Interactive Projection Wall Uses Creative Light And Shadow To Create Atmosphere

    The exhibition hall is designed as a display platform for gathering information, which contains a large number of advanced technologies to provide visitors with an advanced and intelligent interactive experience. Among them, the interactive projection wall is a technology that integrates beauty and practicability. The following Let's take a look at what it brings to the showroom!


    With the continuous upgrading of technology, the interactive projection wall can bring visual comfort to users in terms of image effect, content clarity and color saturation, and the brilliant light and shadow also reduce the blank space in the exhibition hall. , which is also a technical highlight of the multimedia design of the exhibition hall.


    In addition to the visual satisfaction, the interactive projection wall is also a very practical technology. Combined with the display theme of the intelligent digital exhibition hall, it can adjust the display content and integrate the relevant information content. When users interact with the exhibition items You can get relevant information from it.


    At present, the multimedia design of the exhibition hall has become an indispensable part of the intelligent digital exhibition hall, and the diversified production forms and customized content are their strong competitiveness, and the interactive projection wall has also gained many application opportunities. .


    The above is the relevant content about the interactive projection wall. Its application renders the atmosphere of the exhibition hall and mobilizes the enthusiasm of the visitors, which is of great help to the overall activity of the exhibition hall and the dissemination rate of information. In addition to the exhibition hall, the interactive projection wall is also involved in some shopping malls, events, and theme parks, which is impressive!


  • The Function Of Wall Interactive Projection

    1. Human-computer interaction function

    The audience can interact with the images on the wall and participate in interactive mini-games on the wall. The images on the wall change with people's body movements, and even everyone can participate.


    2. Practical functions

    To attract people and gather popularity through novel display methods can not only mobilize the overall atmosphere but also enhance and promote the brand image.


    3. Stable function

    The interactive projection on the wall can operate for a long time, and the interactive image is very stable, because the audience does not need to touch the device, so there will be no instability.


    4. Aging function

    Depending on the place of use, the product content must be different. If you need to return the product in a short time, you can immediately replace the different content in the system without consuming manpower and material resources.

  • Wall Interactive Projection Features

    1. Flexibility

    The delivery method of wall interactive projection and the replacement of content are very flexible.


    2. Timeliness

    It is fast to change the advertising content, the production cycle is short, and it can be customized according to various occasions.


    3. Strong sense of technology

    The interactive wall projection adopts advanced interactive technology and display forms, so it can bring people a strong sense of technology.


    4. Stability

    The system supports long-term operation, so the stability is better.


    5. Interactive experience

    It supports people to interact with the images on the wall, so it brings people a different interactive experience.


    6. Publicity effect

    As a novel form of expression, interactive wall projection can attract consumers and enhance brand image.

  • Introduction To Wall Interactive Projection

    Wall interactive projection is a relatively common form of projection at present. It can not only display rich pictures, text and video content, but also bring a new interactive experience, so as to achieve the effect of active atmosphere. People can't help but see the clear picture on the wall, and can also interact with it through the body, which drives people's enthusiasm for participation, and now the wall interactive projection has been more and more used in advertising, games and display fields. It has played a very good role in brand promotion.


    The wall interactive projection system can also be called an interactive window display system and a rear-projection interactive projection system, which is an interactive display of the images projected on the wall and the participants. Wall interactive projection uses a large-scale project projection system, coupled with the cooperation of the lighting system, the displayed picture is more dazzling, and the participants can interact with it while enjoying the perfect picture, and experience the fun of interacting with the wall.

  • Equipment Composition Of Wall Interactive Projection

    1. Signal collector

    To capture the action requires a camera and an infrared sensor, choose a high-definition camera.


    2. Imaging part

    Imaging equipment consists of projectors, display screens, and other equipment, and projects the picture to a fixed position.


    3. Image recognition

    Image recognition software was used to identify the captured motion and projected images.


    4. Interactive software

    Multi-point interactive software can meet the effect of multiple people participating in the interaction at the same time.


    5. Auxiliary equipment

    Including power cords and extension cords, projection signal lines, monitors, keyboards and mice, etc.


  • The Advantages Of Interactive Wall Projection

    1. High technology content: The wall interactive projection uses high-tech means, and uses photoelectric technology and imaging technology as a display, which greatly improves the technology content.

    2. Strong interactivity: Wall interactive projection can allow people to interact with wall images, and the content of wall images will change with people's actions.

    3. Focus on popularity: The application of interactive wall projection will attract a large number of people, show it in a new form and also entertain the public.

    4. Strong compatibility: The interactive wall projection can be customized according to the needs of the application site and customers, and the size can be expanded or reduced arbitrarily.

    5. Practicality: Wall interactive projection can not only be used as a form of entertainment, but also as a form of advertising, so that people can deeply remember the brand while entertaining.

    6. Timeliness: The projection content and form of interactive wall projection can be changed at any time through the background system, which is very convenient.

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