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Elevate your event with our outdoor interactive projection. Enjoy interactive games and stunning 3D mapping technology, ensuring clear images and stability in any weather. Perfect for performances or creating a unique ambiance, our projection leaves unforgettable memories. Make your event stand out with interactive art installations and inspiring lighting games.

Outdoor art installation

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Projection Art

Interactive Art

Projection Art3 Projection Art43
Projection Art1 Projection Art2

Our interactive Projection Art Installations use your hands, feet, or body to trigger special effects, ideal for museums and events. Themes include rainbow walls, smoke, fireworks, fluid particles, and the Abstract Waves game. Engage visitors and create unforgettable experiences

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Human Body Digital Art Wall  

Human Body Digital Art Wall

The "Human Body Digital Art Wall" utilizes sensors to capture every movement and action of the visitors. These captured movements are then transformed into artistic particles and displayed on a screen, allowing the visitors to witness their physical presence in a constantly evolving and creative form of digital art. The art particles are arranged in a way that resembles an art painting, which changes and creates in real time as the visitors move and interact with the sensors.

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Magic Wall

Magic Wall

The magic wall, created by us, totally imitates the wall in Hogwarts School, which initially showed up in Episode 1 of Harry Potter. The moment Harry Potter walked down the stairs, approaching the wall, the man in the photo hanging on the wall could behave just like a real man, smiling and greeting customers.

Magic Wall

LED Backdrop for Taking Photos


When visitors approach the LED screen and strike a pose, digital petals will bloom around them. The digital petals can be replaced with ads, and the background can feature promotional information. Sharing these photos or videos on social media helps spread the ads. This memorable experience leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

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Interactive Lights


This Interactive Lights Installations leverages advanced lighting, audio, and projection technology to craft a multi-sensory experience that melds the forest’s natural beauty with digital artistry. Precision-engineered light installations highlight the forest’s contours, while dynamic audio and responsive projections create an environment where technology augments the natural setting with movement and narrative elements.

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Digital Art Painting

Using the screen of a digital picture frame to display digital art, combining art with modern technology to create a more vivid and dynamic art experience. By incorporating touch and motion sensors, interactive art frames can be created, allowing viewers to engage with the art and gain a deeper understanding of new media art while visiting art galleries. This fusion of art and technology creates a unique and innovative art display that brings traditional art forms to life in new and exciting ways.

2 painting

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Sound Art

The sound sensor can be installed within an art installation, capturing and processing the sounds emitted by the audience. These sounds can then be transformed into digital content displayed on a screen, providing a more immersive and effective way to showcase the emotions and meanings expressed within the artwork. 

Sound Art 1

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Projection Mapping


Have you ever seen a building decorated with projection pictures? It’s welcome to be used in events or as permanent installations to remodel the exterior wall of the building. Yeah, it’s called projector mapping building. When the projectors are playing, passersby tend to stop to watch the fantastic movie, which can easily gather popularity and deliver culture and product brand information. We can customize 3D video content to map your exterior wall of the project mapping building.

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Interactive art installations, is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of outdoor activities and interactive installation. As an emerging art, its emergence is accompanied by the progress of technology and the updating of artistic concepts. It belongs to a new branch of new media art in digital art. It provides the audience with a new cognitive experience in both the form of expression and interaction with the audience. It is precisely because of these interactive installation arts that they have brought the public closer to art. Here, people forget the "noble and cool style" of art and fully participate in it. It is widely used for outdoor activities and interactive installations.

Interactive art, includes outdoor art installation, immersive art installation, interactive art museum, interactive art exhibit, light installation art, interactive wall art, interactive digital art, video art installation, interactive public art and Kinect interactive art , which are commonly used in tourist attractions, shopping malls, scenic spots, parks, stores, residential areas, and other places. You can see them in the "Tourist attractions and events" category.

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