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interactive educational games

Learning takes place while playing projector games in a gaming room built in schools, where it can be used in versatile ways for teaching, and rich games support learning outside the classroom. It also can Train Cognitive Skills while having Fun.

Knowledge Acquisition Category

Interactive Sport For Education

In addition to learning knowledge, a healthy body is equally important for children. We have developed a series of sports projection interactive products, allowing children to exercise while experiencing the fun of games.

Art Education

How can we cultivate children's artistic talents from a young age? Don't worry, we have developed a series of interactive educational content specifically designed for children's art training. They can use paintbrushes to express their creative ideas and make their own handmade electronic products.

Discover Education

Innovation and exploration are the most important abilities for young children. By continuously stimulating their innovation and exploration skills, we can help develop their brain and expand their capabilities. We have a series of products that can effectively enhance children's innovative and exploratory abilities.

Teaching Equipment

Smart Board uses digital technology to replace traditional blackboards and whiteboards, making teaching and presentations more efficient and convenient. Intelligent sliding blackboards and electronic whiteboards typically offer features such as writing and drawing. They can also be connected to computers, projectors, and other devices, providing more functionality and flexibility.

Smart Board
Smart Blackboard

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Interactive Learning, also known as Projector with Games, game-based learning, Gamification in education, interactive walls for education, interactive teaching games, Interactive Classroom Activities, interactive learning wall, interactive learning games is commonly used in school history centres, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, and other places. You can see them in the "Education" category.

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