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We have produced different kinds of induced games, like using touch sensors, body motion sensors, magnetic sensors, pull-out sensors, and two-way radio sensors. We can also provide SDK if you need to develop the game yourself, or we can give a game customization service to meet your needs.All these induced games are widely used in museums, exhibitions, or as interactive installations to engage popularity in an event or an activity. We support not only can customize special sensors but also can customize 3D games to match your usage scenario fully.

Various Types Of Sensor

Interactive installation

Interactive device

Power  Generation Sensor Speed Sensor

Function Description:

Produce electric current through rotation

Function Description:

Wheel Rotation Count Detection, such as Interactive Cycling Speed Detection

interactive sensors

interactive digital display

Touch Sensor Open and Close Sensor

Function Description:

Detecting Whether a Finger Touches an Object

Function Description:

Metal object is detected to make contact with or depart from the sensor, the sensor can transmit different signals to the software

interactive applications

Body Connectivity Sensor

Button Trigger Body Connectivity Sensor

Function Description:

Detecting Whether a button pressed

Function Description:

Detecting Whether 2 people making physical contact

Balance Sensor

Floor Tile Sensor

Balance Sensor Floor Tile Sensor

Function Description:

Detect the tilt angle of an object

Function Description:

Check whether there is pressure sensing

Chip & Knock Sensor

Shooting Sensor

Chip & Knock Sensor Shooting Sensor

Function Description:

Detect rotate angle and Recognize chip

Function Description:

Suitable for shooting game sensor device

Analog phone

Earpiece Sensor

Analog phone Earpiece Sensor

Function Description:

Analog phone button function

Function Description:

Detect whether the handset is picked up

If the above sensors do not satisfy you, we can customize for you, Don't hesitates to contact us, we provide you with exclusive customization.

Shock Sensor

Air Blow Recognition Sensor

Shock Sensor Air Blow Recognition Sensor

Function Description:

Identify knocks, vibration induction

Function Description:

Identify airflow inductio

Voice Sensor

Body Sensor

Voice Sensor Body Sensor

Function Description:

Identify voice volume

Function Description:

Identify people coming and leav

Light Box Sensor


Light Box Sensor Machinery

Function Description:

Identify weather touch the light box

Function Description:

Identify  Pull,Push,Rotate

Game Button

Distance Detect Sensor

Game Button Distance Detect Sensor

Function Description:

Game Button detect sensor

Function Description:

Identify distance sensor


Display area and resolution: Unlimited
Display Device:

LEDs,projectors, or LCD screens

Support players: Single, double, or unlimited
Application: event, activity, museum


Interactive installation is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of Interactive Display and Interactive Installation. Interactive devices can use various sensing technologies, such as cameras, sonar, pressure sensors, infrared sensors, etc. Through these sensing technologies, interactive sensors can obtain real-time user movement and posture information, and convert it into electronic signals for triggering electronic device responses. In this way, users can interact with electronic devices through simple gestures, postures, and other behaviors without touching the screen or keyboard. It is widely used for Interactive Display and Interactive Installation.

Interactive installation, also known as Interactive device, interactive sensors, interactive digital display, Interactive device or interactive applications , is commonly used in multimedia interactive places such as tourist attractions, exhibition halls, museums, science and technology museums, school history museums, themed exhibition halls, shopping malls, scenic spots, children's parks, amusement parks, schools, parks, stores, restaurants, weddings, bars, etc. You can see them in the "Science and Technology" category.

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