Budapest Science Museum

location: Hungary - Budapest
This is a brand-new interactive science museum. The entire exhibition hall uses a large number of interactive digital installations. Visitors can interact with the exhibits instead of just watching, engaging the visitors to stop for a long time. Due to talking with the exhibits, visitors may easily immerse themselves in the displayed items because they will react to visitors' interactions in real time, which are more vivid and realistic.
Anthony Garcia | Event Planning Director
Customer Reviews:
In the beginning, I couldn't believe that producing 3D animation was able to be done remotely when I first heard from KLEADER sales. Not entirely convinced, I outsourced 3D animation production to the KLEADER team. They just required me to shoot a set of photos of the projection building by their requirement. Although experiencing several modifications of the preview images without extra fee, they achieved the animation out perfectly. After that, I placed the equipment order to KLEADER. It was effortless to install, with only two all-in-one projection waterproof cabinets. After we fixed them on suitable spots, the staff of KLEADER just spent a little to make the final effects out. Next time, I won't pay travel expenses any more. I believe I can locally finish the whole 3D projection myself because KLEADER really simplifies the whole installation procedure.

Domusdela church projection mapping

location: Italy - Domusdela church
We used the 3D building-mapping installation to celebrate an anniversary. It's a temporary lighting show which lasted for half a month. The Domusdela church consists of 50,000 stones to form a particular shape. According to its figure, we made a corresponding 3D animation to match it. The 3D animation lasted three minutes, engaging passersby to watch the shocking view, which combined virtual and reality to form a fantastic art installation to decorate the church's exterior wall.
Paula Scher | Hall designer
Customer Reviews:
Before implementing the project, despite modifying the proposal many times, KLEADER cooperated with us to amend the plans and quotations patiently. During the discussion, by using the ZOOM app, Thanks to KLEADER's professional knowledge, its staff pointed out some design errors, which contributed to avoiding detours. We even request that KLEADER's specialist visit our site to confirm whether the plan can go smoothly. They taught us how to lay the cables before placing the order for the equipment and left the wiring sketch drawn by their staff for us. When we were in the execution state of the project, KLEADER offered door-to-door service. They arranged for a technical expert to come into our country to guide us in installing and debugging the multimedia devices. We achieved the installation of multimedia devices without facing tough issues. We are delighted to the next cooperation with KLEADER.

Milan immersive projection space

location: Britain - 'Beyond the Screen': New London exhibition
The immersive projection room in our art museum was a viral exhibit on the internet that attracted thousands of visitors to our art museum. We made two 3D modelling animations. One is in an art style - the images on the floor and wall use the same theme, and the other uses the perspective view, which means the pictures on the wall and floor make up the whole entirety. We added interaction for both of the two sceneries so that visitors can interact with elements in the virtual scenes, which helps improve the dwell time in the immersive room.
Christina Rusych | General manager
Customer Reviews:
Initially, We planned to create a sizeable digital immersive projection space. I didn't expect visitors to distinguish when they came into a virtual digital room. We also wanted visitors to interact with the elements in the virtual world. We had seen many immersive rooms. However, we felt all of them looked strange and fake, leading from the images on the floor and wall can't form an entirety. In other words, there isn't a perspective view in the immersive room. When we happened to know KLEADER company from the internet, they told me they could make out the 3D games with a perspective view. Few multimedia companies handle this technology.
Moreover, they could add interaction to the rooms. With interactive technology, digital animations can respond to visitors when they step on special spots or touch some particular areas. Indeed, We create a metaverse in physical space.

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