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Smart board installation video

Welcome to our smart blackboard installation, debugging and usage demonstration video! In this video, we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to properly install, debug and use the smart blackboard. This smart educational tool will bring more interaction and innovation to the educational scene, providing a brand new experience for learning. Detailed demonstration on how to properly install the bracket and connect the smart blackboard to the power supply and other devices, such as computers or other smart terminals. Make sure every connection is tight and secure. Next, we'll show you how to connect the power cord and network cable correctly. Make sure the smart blackboard is powered properly and connected to your LAN for more intelligent operations. Detailed demonstration of how to debug the smart blackboard system, including calibrating the touch function to ensure it responds accurately to your operations. We'll also cover some advanced settings like pen color, line thickness, and more. After the installation and debugging are completed, we will take you to the application demonstration link. Show how to write, mark, multimedia display, etc. through smart blackboard, and how to save and share your teaching content. Finally, we will introduce solutions to some common problems to help you use Smart Blackboard better. Including touch issues, connection issues, etc. Thank you for watching our smart blackboard installation, debugging and usage demonstration video! Hopefully this video has provided you with a clear guide!

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