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The features of radar sensors


  • KLEADER radar is a multi touch software solution that transforms any flat surface into an interactive multi touch display.

  • KLEADER radar uses LiDAR sensors to create an invisible multi touch display

  • KLEADER radar has a Graphical User Interface which allows the user to calibrate the setup very easy.

  • KLEADER radar runs on Windows.

  • KLEADER radar supports the following outputs: Mouse, Windows Touch, and TUIO.

  • KLEADER radar can create unlimited touchpoints.

  • KLEADER radar can work as a touch-less interactive device.

  • KLEADER radar uses highly optimized detection algorithms.


  • unlimited touchpoints

  • create a 30 meter interactive display with only one sensor

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) for an easy setup

  • Live Preview of the setup

  • Multilingual User Interface

  • Use KLEADER radar as a touch-less interactive device

  • Free demo software available

Floor Placement


Ceiling Placement


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