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Interactive Drawing installation video

1.How to connect scanner

interactive draw-scanner

2.How to use scanner software

3.Touch screen connections

interactive draw-touchtable

Interactive drawingDrawing by touchscreen.pdf

4.How to install software on IPAD

interactive Draw-IPAD

Interactive graffiti is a form of expression that combines graffiti art with modern technology. Creators use various graffiti tools and software to draw patterns of various shapes and colors on devices such as computers, tablets, or smartphones, and transform them into digital works that can interact with the audience. These works not only have unique artistic value, but can also interact with the audience through touch, movement and other interactive methods. When the audience interacts with the work through touch, movement, etc., the device will capture and analyze this information, thereby producing various visual and auditory effects, making graffiti works more interesting and attractive. Bringing people a new visual experience. With the continuous advancement of technology, the form and content of interactive graffiti are also constantly innovating and enriching. Nowadays, interactive graffiti is not only widely used in art exhibitions, public spaces and commercial places, but also gradually penetrates into education, entertainment and social fields.

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