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3D Holographic Imaging Technology Provides Help For The Construction Of Digital Exhibition Halls

The emergence of 3D holographic imaging technology provides more choices for display. With its excellent display effects and intelligent interactive functions, it has become a new favorite in the exhibition hall. Let's take a look at this technology. What help!

1. Lively display

This is a technical advantage that visitors can intuitively feel. The exquisite and three-dimensional 3D holographic imaging technology not only improves the style of the exhibition items, but also gives more technology to the multimedia interactive exhibition hall, allowing visitors to enter the exhibition more quickly. Among them, adding highlights to the overall display.

2. Flexible application

Like other multimedia technologies, 3D holographic imaging technology also has the technical characteristics of customization. It can not only customize the content displayed inside, but also the size of the 3D holographic projection equipment can be customized according to the application scene and space size, which is why it is popularized. to various types of exhibition halls.

3. High cost performance

There are often many exhibition items involved in the multimedia interactive exhibition hall. For this reason, a simple plan for the budget of the whole exhibition hall is required. The production price of 3D holographic projection equipment and content is relatively low, which can reserve more for the construction of the whole exhibition hall. This will improve the completion and presentation effect of the pavilion.

The above three points are the help that the application of 3D holographic imaging technology brings to the exhibition hall. Visitors can also learn more information and content through this technology. At the same time as the value of the exhibition item, the purpose of the exhibition item construction is realized.

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