• 03-12
    What Are the Benefits of Interactive Video?
    If you want to boost your marketing strategies, you need to add interactive videos to the same. Obviously, interactive videos give boost to your overall marketing game. But what is an interactive video? Actually, interactive videos are motion images that involve users or viewers with the same. It me Read More »
  • 05-17
    The Characteristics of Installation Art
    An immersive art and installation art are two aspects of a single coin. If you ever visited at an immersive art installation museum, you must have noticed that you were a part of that installation art. Interactive projection of an immersive art installation creates illusion for observers to be a par Read More »
  • 06-21
    Can The Projection Mapping Be Interactive
    By using innovative projection mapping technology, you can easily transform a surface into an interactive object. It means that you can make project mapping interactive. Can projection mapping be interactive? The easiest answer to this question is a big yes. Of course, you can make projection mappin Read More »
  • 06-21
    How To Design Interactive Wall
    There is really great buzz about interactive wall art. If you want to enter into a world of illusion to alter your perception for a short time, you need to visit at an interactive museum. An interactive museum exhibits different types of interactive digital art and interactive projector games. Now, Read More »
  • 02-12
    What Is the Difference between Interactive Screen and Projector?
    Interactive technology has emerged as the best option to go with when it comes to teaching. This might be a reason why professionals want to choose an interactive screen or projector. Yes, there are two basic options to go with i.e. interactive projector and interactive display. Now, you want to con Read More »
  • 04-18
    Why Should Museums Be Interactive?
    Visiting a museum can help you experience something outstanding. Days are gone when you had to deal with a museum with static and usual projects. With the advent of interactive technology, interactive museum exhibits interactive art installations. Why should museums be interactive? It’s an obvious q Read More »
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