• 07-21
    3d Naked eye application cases
    The above is the application case of our company's products naked eye 3d video, naked eye 3d video through software processing, the 2d picture to show the 3d effect, enough to fake the real. Read More »
  • 03-04
    Latest content
    Here you can see the latest content information of the website: Read More »
  • 03-12
    What Are the Benefits of Interactive Video?
    If you want to boost your marketing strategies, you need to add interactive videos to the same. Obviously, interactive videos give boost to your overall marketing game. But what is an interactive video? Actually, interactive videos are motion images that involve users or viewers with the same. It me Read More »
  • 03-13
    What Is Video Interactive Guidance?
    There is certainly great buzz about video interactive guidance. So, what exactly a video interactive guidance is? Actually, VIG (Video Interaction Guidance) is a process that helps parents to learn how to communicate with their bump/baby. The main objective behind video interaction guidance is to ac Read More »
  • 04-18
    Why Should Museums Be Interactive?
    Visiting a museum can help you experience something outstanding. Days are gone when you had to deal with a museum with static and usual projects. With the advent of interactive technology, interactive museum exhibits interactive art installations. Why should museums be interactive? It’s an obvious q Read More »
  • 04-13
    What Is the Difference between Interactive Projector and Normal Projector?
    There is great buzz about choosing interactive projector. Now, you may want to learn more about it. Actually, there are individuals who want to know the difference between an interactive projector and normal projector. There could be various differences between the two options. But the most importan Read More »
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