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Museum software central control frequent question

1: Customers always like to keep clicking the lPAD button, which causes the system to turn on and off turn offand on again. After telling the customer that it is fully on, it will take a few minutes to wait for the point. The customerjust doesn't listen? Or is part ofthe system unsuccessful, and the customer keeps clicking, so there is always no way to open it successfully?

Problem analysis: The central control you are currently using belongs to the conference central control, which is one-way. The kleader central control adopts two-way transmission detection. No matter whether you keep pressing or not, it will not be triggered repeatedly, or ifit is turned on or off, it is turned off.

2: When using the lOs system central control, you always need to actiuate it or prevent you from connecting to the external network, but often the administrator takes it to the office or home, and the manufacturer reinstalls it remotely every time, so troublesome!

Problem analysis: At present, the Central Control APP you use has not passed the official testing and certification of the Apple Store. lt is a deuelopment program and has a time limit. It belongs to the temporary uersion ofthe small workshop., Neuer expires or cannot be used

3: The explainer needs to hold the PAD to explain directly, instead ofthe induction trigger,using the manual mode, or replacing the click function of the touch screen. Other suppliers do not cooperate and require various interface fees, and some are not supplied by the original factory and directly not connected.

Problem analysis: This is caused by the fact that Central control and other suppliers are not the same supplier, and it is easy to buckle. However, the sofware and hardware of Kleader Central Control are independently developed, and the connection is conuenient, and troubleshooting does not require customers to worry about problems, and does not buckle. Many customers look for the lowest price for each item, so if you add up after-sales, you will definitely be the highest price fr the inuestigation cost, You are a nouice to new customers with suppliers, and there is no one to look for suppliers after a single small product sale. Then there are all kinds ofexcuses, saying that it is not your own problem, and troubleshooting will save you halfyour life!

4 : The use ofcentral control does not simplify the after-sales seruice and extend the life of the hardware.

Problem analysis: Many customers are unwilling to go to Central Control, and think that Central Control will cause more problems. Using an excellent central control like Keling, 5 years ofexperience, there will be almost no disconnection and failure. Many ofthe managers ofthe exhibition hall are salespersons or door guards, let them learn to open uarious computers, and they must open in order and close normally in accordance with the order , It's even harder: The use of central control will greatly reduce uarious after-sales costs, and can also extend the life of the hardware. Kleader master control switches are all based on the sequence of the protection circuit designed by professionals. Even high-power equipment will be turned on sequentially, and the current and voltage will not jump too much instantaneously, At present, there are many central controllers on the market, copycats or conference central controllers. The computer is forced to power off or the button is forced to shut down. The hard disk and data are extremely easy to drop and damage.The phenomenon is that the ghost is used for a period oftime to restore the system and the central control fails.,very troublesome.

5: Adaptation to mobile phones, PDs, and computers have to increase the cost, or simply do not adapt to mobile phones, only support specific tablets or touch screens!

Problem analysis: The software adaptability is not high, Keling central control, one-time configuration, directly adapt to uarious sizes ofmobile phones, tablets, whether it is windows, Android, IOS (App is already on the shelf) are all compatible. The user is Very likely to have no electricity or broken PAD at the scene, and can't be in a hurry. lt can also be used as a backup with a mobile phone, and there is no limit to the number, which is very safe!

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