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Hieroglyph Interactive Art Installations


Interactive Projection Based Physical Education Games


Hieroglyph Interactive Art Installations is one of the typical interactive art installations for the interactive wall used in art galleries, exhibitions, and children's activity zones. When visitors touch the hieroglyphs on the projection wall, the position where they touched will produce a gorgeous animation to demonstrate what the touched text refers to.In addition, we provide another game that contains many texts which can make up poetry or a paragraph. If visitors enter the projection area, the texts will scatter immediately. After a while, if nobody comes, the text will recover to the initial state. Besides, we have developed various kinds of text games supporting customization.

Product Set Up

text interaction



support any resolution projector,It is recommended to use a short-throw projector



1. Support induction of any size wall and ground

2. Can support multiple sensors connected to the one computer

3. Precise  interaction

4. Waterproof: IP65



Play the sound of interactive software



Control the software, can support booting the game to start automatically, and automatically switch games at regular intervals.

Support room size: unlimited

Number of supported projectors: Within 16

Number of people support interaction: unlimited

Support resolution: within 8K

The above plan is a schematic plan. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you need a design plan for a different site.

Application Scenario

Hieroglyph Interactive Art Installations

Letter interaction

Immersive Text Projection



Projection Display area and resolution: Unlimited
Essential kits:

Radar Sensors, blend software and games.

You are supposed to prepare a computer,  projectors and cables.

Ambient light: Moderate or less

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Hieroglyph Interactive Art Installations is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of Immersive entertainment and interactive walls. Hieroglyph Interactive Art Installations is played in the form of projection. When the text on the screen is touched, the physical image of the zodiac symbol represented will be presented, making the hieroglyph interactive art installations tangible and three-dimensional, and also allowing us to understand the traditional culture of the twelve zodiac symbols in the folk culture. By touching, pictographs also provide corresponding interactive experiences, making our memory of pictographs more profound during play. It is widely used for Immersive entertainment and interactive walls.

Hieroglyph Interactive Art Installations, also known as Immersive Text Projections or Interactive Projection Based Physical Education Games, are typically used in multimedia interactive venues such as scenic spots, children's parks, amusement parks, exhibition halls, museums, shopping malls, etc. You can see them in the "Science and Technology" category.

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