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AR Photo Booth

Augmented Reality Photo Booth wows guests as their image is augmented with virtual 3D props over a large-screen display.

Augmented Reality Photo Booth wows guests as their image is augmented with virtual 3D props over a large-screen display. The guests interact and control the experience using hand gestures to create an extraordinary photo keepsake.

AR Of Zoo Augmented Reality Photo Booth
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The Combination Of A Real And Virtual Scene Can Experience The Animals Appearing In Front Of You And Interact With Them. Players Can Meet Dinosaurs, Tigers, Lions, UFOs And More.

Touch Screen Operation, Use Ordinary Camera, AI Algorithm Keying, Custom Background And Accessories. (You Can Generate A QR Code To Share)

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AR Face Recognition Green Screen AR
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Through AR face recognition, the player's face can be placed on any character shape for fusion, and the background and decorative elements can also be replaced.

Players use gestures to switch the control interface and take pictures. It can support video and photo shooting. Players can download it through a QR code.
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Time Machine Photography Anime Avatar Photo Taking
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"A time machine for altering appearances," an interactive photo software that combines a regular camera with AI age transformation, is designed to generate "age progression" photos with just one click. It allows you to visualize how your appearance might change over different periods in the future.

An interactive photo software that combines a camera with AI portrait cartoonization offers a wide range of anime avatar effects to choose from, providing a personalized 3D avatar experience!

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Display resolution and area: Unlimited
Supported camera: USB camera or KINECT2.0
Display Device:

LEDs,projectors, or LCD screens

You prepare kits: computer, display device, camera and cables.


AR Photo Booth is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of AR games and virtual reality. AR Photo Booth is displayed using an LED screen, which overlays elements based on human or facial position information. After capturing the real scene through the device, virtual elements are combined with the real scene to create an augmented reality effect that can leave a deep impression on customers and achieve good promotional effects. Widely used in Augmented Reality and AR/VR.

AR Photo Booth, also known as Augmented Reality Photo Booth,touch screen photobooth, AR Face Recognition, Photobooth Event, Augmented Reality booth, Augmented Reality Experience, Augmented Reality Photo Booth, digital photo booth, is commonly used in tourist attractions, entertainment venues, amusement parks, and shopping malls. You can see them in the "Tourist attractions and events" category.

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