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Adopting Projection mapping in museums, classrooms, training rooms, or even art exhibitions is very amazing and innovative. We could use multiple projectors or LED screens to create a surreal world at immersive events. Using immersive mapping makes it easy to construct any 3D scene, even a fantastic one, to make many visitors immersive in the space simultaneously without any uncomfortable feeling. Plus, we can add touch sensors, walking detection sensors, body sensors, or even a pair of VR glasses for visitors to experience and interact with the room’s virtual content to increase the reality of the immersive space. Compared with a single-side display, the immersive room has more reality of experience. The room could contain more visitors a one time, while the VR glasses only handle one.

Immersive art

Immersive projection:multitheme

Immersive Projection room

Kleader launched a standard immersive interactive projection experience effect package for 360 projection room with 80 choosable different games. It contains themes such as seabed, forest, nature, animals, and horror...

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Immersive Art Projection

2.TouchDesinger Projection

In the immersive room, we've utilized TouchDesigner to create a variety of fantastical particle effects. Participants are immersed in these particle effects, feeling like they've stepped into an artistic realm, surrounded by an array of particle visuals. Participants can also interact with the particle effects, altering their forms.

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Waterfall Immersive Experiences

3.Waterfall Projection    

With Flowers Falling And Flowing Water Flowing, You Can Feel The Light And Shadow Art Enjoyment Brought To You By This VE Vision. This Work Shows The Three Stages Of Light And Shadow Art Of Waterfalls In Nature: Flow, Waterfall Separation, And Flowering.

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Blending Software

Immersive blending software

Blending software is almost an essential part of projector systems. It can determine the final visual effect of projectors. For example, it can combine multiple projection pictures to form a large picture without any seams, which ought to be obvious on the edge areas of the two projectors next to each other.

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Video Mapping Software

We provide video mapping software that can map different areas of the ordinary video to the different parts of the immersive room to form a perspective view, You will feel fully immersed in the virtual digital space if you stand in the middle of the room because the pictures of the wall and the floor are connected.

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Projection Mapping Content

6.Immersive Projection Content                

We can provide various types of video content, including immersive, glasses-free 3D, and dome projection. These videos range from fantastical to dazzling, catering to different preferences and needs.

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Whale Immersive Exhibition

immersive event experience

The holographic projection allows you to meet the dreamy whale island here. Intelligent whales swim past you, and there are all kinds of exciting animals strolling leisurely under your feet. Every interaction you make will bring fantasy colours to this ocean world, showing a unique colourful scroll of charm

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Lighting Animals And Particles

projection mapping art

The body of the animal is covered with flowers. The flowers are born on the animal, bloom and fall off. When they touch the animal with their hands, the flowers will bloom and scatter.


Product Set Up

immersive environment



Support any resolution projector,Itis recommended to use a short-throw projector



1. Support induction of any sidewall and ground

2. Can support multiple sensors connected to the one computer

3. Precise interaction

4. Waterproof: IP6



Play the sound of interactive software



Control the software, can support booting the game to start automatically, and automatically switch games at regular intervals.

Support room size: unlimited

Number of supported projectors:;Within 16

Number of people support interaction:unlimited

Support resolution: within 8K                

The above plan is a schematic plan. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you need a design plan for a different site.                



Display area and resolution: Unlimited
Numbers of projectors: Unlimited images, geometric correction and blending
Ambient light: Moderate or less
Interaction: Optional

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Immersive art is one of the very popular and applied products in the field of Immersive projection and Immersive entertainment. Through multi-channel projection fusion, it uses multimedia technologies such as virtual reality and holographic projection to project projection images onto large or multi-sided projection screens to create colorful three-dimensional images.

Delicate and creative video content is also an essential part of immersive projection. Combined with the customization of projection content, it can make the virtual image challenging to distinguish between true and false, with strong visual effects. In the dual world of the natural world and virtual projection, the audience has an immersive experience.

The feeling of the environment, combined with the sound and light system, makes the audience's audio-visual senses overwhelmed. It is widely used in Immersive projection and Immersive entertainment.

Projection Mapping, includes Immersive Mapping, immersive events, immersive projection, Immersive art, immersive arts space, projection 360, 360 projection screens, immersive event experience, and Horographic Mapping is commonly used in multimedia interactive venues such as museums, technology museums, corporate pavilions, theme pavilions, secret room escape, immersive script killing, immersive sample rooms, immersive bars, shopping malls, scenic areas, restaurants, exhibition halls, hotels, etc. You can see them in the "Movies and Animations category.

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