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Interactive projector Games

Our company sensor is compatible with any brand projector, it can make projection interactive, we also produce a lot of games, you can use them for free.

Interactive projector for classroom and sport

Combining physical exercise with educational content, enabling learning while being active, is the future trend in education. It allows individuals to acquire knowledge while simultaneously engaging in physical fitness, representing the optimal direction for education.

Interactive Projector screen

This is a useful product for marketing and advertising purposes. Showing advertisements, concepts, images, videos, and animations through your system can indeed help businesses and organizations promote their products or services to a wider audience. You can interact with the content. it makes normal advertisements interact with clients.

Interactive Projection Art

The combination of elegant art and interactive projection to create interactive art projection is a product of modern high technology. It allows you to not only appreciate the art but also interact with the artistic content. This way, you can create your piece of art.

Touch screen projector

Combining interactive sensing devices with projection interaction, this is an emerging high-tech interactive method that controls the display and switching of projection content through the devices.


We are a company that has been focusing on the multimedia industry for decades and are a highly capable supplier in the industry. We have developed various mature projection interactive products for different usages, like outdoor interactive floors, interactive walls for museums and exhibitions, interactive led wall, immersive interactive projection, and projector games for sports, education, and entertainment. Also, we can provide bespoke interactive games or interactive sensors and their SDK for you to develop games. Plus, we could sell projectors and computers together, which are relatively cheaper, stabler, and more compatible, than buying in your local place.


Interaction area and resolution:


Numbers of projectors:

Unlimited images, geometric correction and blending

Ambient light:

Moderate or less

Interaction method:

Body motion, touch, gestures, moving or props

Interactive Projection

interactive projection mapping


Interactive Projection includes touch screen projector, interactive hologram projector, interactive projection art, is usually used in science and technology museums, planning museums, museums, industries Exhibition sites such as exhibition halls, theme exhibition halls, corporate exhibition halls, shopping malls, hypermarkets, hotels, bars, discos, KTVs, new product launches, promotional activities, wedding ceremonies, performance venues, squares, children's playgrounds and other commercial venues. You can see them in the "Entertainment" category.

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