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Have you ever seen a building decorated with projection pictures? It’s welcome to be used in events or as permanent installations to remodel the exterior wall of the building. Yeah, it’s called projector mapping building. When the projectors are playing, passersby tend to stop to watch the fantastic movie, which can easily gather popularity and deliver culture and product brand information. We can customize 3D video content to map your exterior wall of the project mapping building. Also, we can provide high luminous projectors with waterproof and anti-dust cabinets and edge blending software to make the video map the wall correspondingly. Besides, we will provide the CAD file of the lamp pole if you need it. In addition, if you can’t install the hardware, we can offer door-to-door technical support as well.

video mapping projector

Beijing Deshengmen 3D Mapping

In this project, we use 8 units of 12000-lumen engineering projectors. not only the Hardware but also the video made by us.


architectural projection

Wuhan Yellow Crane Tower 3D Mapping

Yellow Crane Tower is the most famous historic building in china, and it has a long history, In this project, we use 12 units of 12000-lumen engineering projectors. With amazing video effects, all over the world people


outdoor projection screen

Nigerian Bar 3D Mapping

The white wall is a human face and scattered hair. We project Gaia's face and hair onto the wall. As we all know, Gaia is the mother of the universe. We display this idea on the wall through projection. This project brings huge profits to the bar.


house projection mapping

Shanghai Bund

We project all kinds of advertising on the building, that attract a lot of people come here. people take pictures of the building and share them on Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook.


building projection

Car 3D Mapping

We Display varieties kind of effects on the car, at this moment, it is not only a car but also artwork.

3D mapping technology can make your product attract more people to pay attention, and give them a deep impression.


church projections

Interactive 3D Mapping

It is not only 3D mapping but also you can interact with the model, when you draw on the screen, the real mapping model will show what you paint.


Product Set Up

outdoor hologram projector

1 2


Play software and video.


Display Computer video signal on the building.


Immersive area and resolution: Unlimited
Building shape: unlimted shape and material
Using environment: Indoor or outdoors
On-site debugging and making: No need, Just need to take photos towards the building
Time period: at least 30 seconds

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Projection Mapping is one of the most popular and applied products in the fields of Projection Mapping and Immersive Projection. Projector Mapping is played in the form of projection, an artistic expression of projecting images, text, or dynamic videos onto the exterior walls of buildings using a projector. Usually, high-brightness projectors and unique projection materials are used to present high-definition, high-brightness, and high-contrast visual effects on the surface of buildings, creating a unique visual experience. It is widely used for projection mapping and Immersive projection.

Projector Mapping, also known as architectural projectionOutdoor projection screen, building projection, outdoor hologram projector, building projection art, Outdoor Light Show Projector, video mapping projector, church projections or house projection mapping, is commonly used for outdoor building projection, architectural projection, city wall projection, car body projection, mountain projection, large-scale commercial squares, large-scale art performances, car press conferences, stage shows, live shows, and other places. You can see them in the "Movies and Animations" category.

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