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VR Telescope


Would you like to roam through virtual worlds within paintings and enjoy the endless beauty of the vast universe from a distance? Our VR/AR Sightseeing Telescope is here to make your dream of immersive exploration come true! The Sightseeing Telescope offers a 360-degree self-guided sightseeing mode and a wide range of view angles, providing a more realistic experience. We also offer customization options for the base structure and digital content of the VR/AR telescope, ensuring that customers receive an aesthetically pleasing all-in-one product that's ready to use once powered up. Please note that this device is hardware only and does not include specific games; games would need to be customized separately.

AR Telescope Augmented Reality Telescope

Five Themes

VR exhibit

Arctic Glacier

virtual reality video game system

Insect Forest

ar art exhibition

Sea World



Observer case

Observer case

Wonderful Cave

Wonderful Cave

Buy a VR telescope and then five fantastic panoramic videos as complimentary.

Feature And Advantage

VR Telescope AR Telescope
VR Telescope AR Telescope

[Size]:Length :500MM,Width:500MM,Height:620 to 1490MM


[Advantage]:Supports self-starting after power-on, automatic software running, and 360-degree viewing

[Content]: 5 free Video contents.


[Memory]: 4GB LPDDR4X 1866MHz

[Flash]: 64GB UFS2.1 1

[Highest support]: 256GB Micro-SD card expansion


[System]:Windows 10

[Advantage]:Supports self-starting after power-on, automatic software running, and 360-degree viewing

[Content]: Not include.


[Processor]: Sixth generation i5

[Memory]: 8GB

[Hard drive]: Solid state 128GB

[Graphics Card]: Integrated

[Touch point]: 10 points

Application Scenario



Art Museum

Art Museum


VR Telescope and AR Telescope is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of exhibition and interactive display. By combining virtual information with natural scenes through augmented reality technology, users can obtain more information and interactive experiences when observing celestial bodies. It is widely used in exhibitions and Interactive Displays.

VR Telescope and AR Telescope, also known as, Augmented Reality Telescope, VR exhibit or virtual reality video game system, is commonly used in multimedia interactive venues such as tourist attractions, exhibition halls, museums, science and technology museums, planetariums, themed exhibition halls, shopping malls, scenic spots, etc. You can see them in the "Science and Technology" category.

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