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How to add your video content to the player


 1.How will the supplier tell the video resolution?

A: The supplier will provide you with the video resolution information. If the resolution of the wall and the ground is different, we will tell you separately.

For example: wall resolution is 5760 * 1200; ground resolution is 1920 * 1200.


 2.How will the supplier update the button configuration with the IPAD central control system?

A: If you have an IPAD control system, the supplier will update the button configuration so that you can easily control video playback.

Such as the Set config:


After receiving Set config, update the central control interface according to the diagram.



 3.What tests do you need to take place before you start making the video?

 A: Before you start the official video, you need to test it first. The supplier will provide a test map that you need to put in the corresponding folder and test the overall effect to ensure that everything is working properly.

Put the test map under the OrdinaryPhoto folder of the software and open KLBoFangQi. The exe program plays the test, and after the test, delete the folder picture.


0_1_0_wal text.jpg


0_1_0_ground text.jpg


 4.If the room is immersive, how should you set up the video playback?

A: For immersive rooms, you have two options:

1.  You can choose to put two ordinary videos to the wall and the ground computer.;

2.  Or put a panoramic video on two computers on the wall and ground.

We recommend that you place two videos to work better.

Suppliers will configure the panoramic video playback and wall video playback function, you only need to import the video into a folder, and name according to the rules, to ensure that you can successfully enjoy the video content in an immersive room.


 5.How do you set up to place two Ordinary videos?


In the wall and ground computer OrdinaryVideo folder, respectively the ordinary video.as shown in the figure:



OrdinaryVideo naming rules:

0_50 (Serial number from 50 to 100) _0_ File name (arbitrary)

For example: wall: 0_50_0_wall city.mp4  ; 0_51_0_wall text.mp4   ....

Ground :0_50_0_ground city.mp4   ;   0_51_0_ground text.mp4   ....


 6.How to configure the panoramic video playback?

A: Put the same panoramic video under the PanoramicVideo folder of the wall and ground computers.as shown in the figure:



Panoramic video naming rules:

0_150 (Serial number from 150 to 200) _0_ File Name (arbitrary)

For example: 0 _ 150 _ 0 _ Gulf.mp4; 0_151_0_Sea.mp4 ;0_152_0_Tyrannosaur.mp4.......

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