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How To Skillfully Use Multimedia Technology in The Design Of Corporate Exhibition Halls?

As an important platform for cultural display, brand establishment, and product promotion, the design of corporate exhibition halls is increasingly valued by large enterprises. They combine traditional exhibition design with interactive technologies with interactive value to achieve innovative displays. In this process, how to integrate multimedia technology with the exhibition hall?

1. Uniform style

The appearance of multimedia equipment tends to be more technological in appearance, but some companies are in industries that deviate from the theme of science and technology. For this reason, designers should control the overall style, grasp the corporate culture, and let the The design style of the corporate exhibition hall remains unified, bringing comfort to visitors from a sensory and visual perspective.

2. Interactive innovation

The interaction of corporate exhibition halls should not be limited to the touch query screen. The presentation forms of pure touch or display have also begun to be abandoned by the market. The current mainstream corporate exhibition hall design will use more experiential immersive, digital sandbox, VR and other technologies To enrich the overall display, display technologies such as holographic cabinets, slide screens, and transparent cabinets will also be used to better present products.

3. Grasp the key points

The design plan of the enterprise multimedia exhibition hall contains not only multimedia technology, but also the detailed content of the display. For this reason, how to grasp the focus of the exhibition has also become the key to excellent planners. During the interaction in the enterprise exhibition hall, we learned about their concerns.

The application of multimedia technology requires the manufacturer to control the whole process. An excellent exhibition hall design company can double the application effect of limited interaction, but improper control will lead to messy consequences. From this, we can also see that choosing a corporate exhibition The pavilion design company is also a technical work.

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