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Introduction To Wall Interactive Projection

Wall interactive projection is a relatively common form of projection at present. It can not only display rich pictures, text and video content, but also bring a new interactive experience, so as to achieve the effect of active atmosphere. People can't help but see the clear picture on the wall, and can also interact with it through the body, which drives people's enthusiasm for participation, and now the wall interactive projection has been more and more used in advertising, games and display fields. It has played a very good role in brand promotion.

The wall interactive projection system can also be called an interactive window display system and a rear-projection interactive projection system, which is an interactive display of the images projected on the wall and the participants. Wall interactive projection uses a large-scale project projection system, coupled with the cooperation of the lighting system, the displayed picture is more dazzling, and the participants can interact with it while enjoying the perfect picture, and experience the fun of interacting with the wall.

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