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The 21st century is a fast-paced information age. People's pace of life is constantly accelerating under the catalysis of the Internet. People's inner anxiety and impetuosity are increasing day by day. They are keen on making quick money, but they don't take seriously the intensive cultivation of enterprises. Mainly because of problems such as high R&D investment, long cycle, and slow effect.

In addition, the status quo of intellectual property protection in the IT field is worrisome, internal code theft, external cracking, software piracy and other chaotic phenomena emerge one after another, which is hard to guard against! Under such circumstances, there are fewer and fewer people in the industry who have solidly invested in R&D teams. It is not difficult to imagine that the quality of products developed under the baton of making quick money will not stand the test of time.

After-sales service is an indispensable part of technical services - large quantity, expensive labor, high investment, no output. In the sales process, if you plan to do post-sale services, the corresponding costs must be included in the product quotation, which will inevitably lead to a certain price disadvantage in the initial sales compared with merchants who do not do after-sales, and the sales are relatively difficult, especially when encountering When getting involved with new customers who are not deep in the industry.

If it were you, how would you choose?



At present, in the domestic multimedia industry, some unscrupulous merchants choose the currently popular method of "cutting leeks" similar to franchisees, spending money frantically on advertising and attracting new customers, commonly known as "creating new ones".

They are usually like this: At the initial stage of quotation, they attract customers to place orders through unclear and unreasonable low prices; before signing the contract, the sales staff follow up enthusiastically; It is not detailed in the contract, the contract is vague; after the money is in place, it is faster to turn over the face than to turn over the book. It is better. After you locate the problem yourself, send it over by yourself. At least I will exchange it with you. The quality is not good Yes, anyway, you pay for the shipping fee, so I don't want to answer the phone. If there is a problem with the delivery, you can only consider yourself unlucky



We can't help but ask, why is this problem happening?

The crux of the problem lies in the fact that the sales staff account for the majority of the personnel composition of the product company. The sales staff only look for new customers to sell goods, but the limited project managers can't follow up and deal with them in time. The product company usually only spends a lot of money on advertising. When encountering problems, the first reaction is not to think about how to solve them, but just to escape.

The multimedia industry is a complex industry, with a small quantity of each product and numerous and miscellaneous suppliers, often involving many professional fields, such as interactive devices involving hardware, software, structure, outdoor cultural tourism involving outdoor engineering, video production, waterproofing, etc.

The multimedia exhibition hall involves comprehensive integration, software and hardware, video, decoration and design. Any slight cha'cuo in any link will lead to the failure of the whole project and make it impossible to accept it. The management of supply chain funds is much more complicated than that of traditional industries. If you are careless, you will be miserable by suppliers, or the funds will go in and rob Peter to pay Paul. Many companies don't pay attention to the right way at all, but concentrate on the so-called marketing, peddling pirated systems without after-sales. As a result, you and the advertising platform make money, but consumers lose!



The sustainable business model is: every business activity is based on the concept of mutual benefit and win-win, and strives to share the interests of all participants.

For example, we sell products to merchants, merchants use this to attract traffic, merchants’ consumers gain joy from good consumption experience, merchants increase sales, we earn profits through high-quality products and after-sales services, and form a virtuous circle, then the market will getting bigger.

Unscrupulous manufacturers sell Sanwu products to merchants, and merchants have extremely poor experience. Everyone sees it in their eyes and keeps it in their hearts.Their product reputation is getting worse and worse, and their market will become smaller and smaller.

Kleader has always had zero tolerance for the piracy system, and has sued more than a dozen merchants involved in such evil acts. As long as you are suspected of selling the pirated system of Kleader, no matter you are an individual or a business, no matter how far you are, we are not afraid of trouble, no matter the cost.

As a relatively well-funded enterprise, Keling has the responsibility and obligation to stand up, shout out for peers who are truly committed to excellence in products and services, and work together with everyone to expand the industry market.



Kleader has been deeply involved in the multimedia industry for more than ten years. Its business scope covers from event software, exhibition hall software to system integration, video production, outdoor interactive lighting engineering and other fields. It serves 400 customers every year, and the customer retention rate is as high as 40%. There are countless exhibition hall projects that we have been in use for three or four years and are still in normal operation, and many old products that are eight or nine years old are looking for after-sales from us. There may be deviations in the initial plan, but if the contract is signed and the deposit is paid, we will implement it completely in accordance with the contract. If there is an error in the later design (after all, no one can guarantee 100% deviation), we will actively negotiate to resolve it. If the negotiation fails , we will still resolutely implement the original contract. Our regular products or items with incorrect designs can be returned if the negotiation fails, and the specific details will be reflected in the contract. Usually refunds are made within one cycle. As the person in charge of Kleader, I have always firmly believed that making money in an enterprise is the foundation, and more importantly, responsibility. You must always have responsibilities to employees and commerce. Only by making real efforts to improve social efficiency, God will naturally take care of you , let you benefit a lot!



Many people are unwilling to do business with a certain country in South Asia, why?

Because they are all kinds of soft and hard foam when bargaining, and they stalk after-sales. They buy cheap and low-quality products from China to make a difference in their own country. One can imagine the economic environment of their own country.

In contrast, in developed countries, every step is carried out according to the detailed process, the agreement is careful, and the contract is abided by, so the economy of developed countries is good. I firmly believe that only by optimizing the management process, doing a good job in services and products, and serving every customer who trusts you well, can the company have a long history!



Kleader's turnover rate is very low, never more than 5%, why? Because every time I recruit a full-time employee, I always hold the concept of long-term training and common progress, instead of frequent recruitment, new ones and forgetting the old, we will strive to maintain team stability and core competitiveness. I always firmly believe that a good partner must work hard and work together. We sincerely look forward to your joining and let us expand the multimedia industry market together.

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