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Several Forms Of Projection Interactive Wall Can Be Realized

With the development of projection technology today, the area is no longer limited, and the projection sites and objects are no longer limited. In addition to basic wall and ground projection, projection can even be performed on irregular objects, buildings and cars. There are various forms of projection. Diverse, let's take a look at how the projection interactive wall is implemented today:

1. Wall interactive projection

Wall interactive projection is a relatively common form of interaction. It can be seen in exhibition halls, shopping venues, etc. It is easy to operate and install, and can add a touch of brilliance to ordinary solid-color walls. It can also add an entertainment atmosphere to the place where it is located, and can bring users an interactive experience. The use of projection interactive walls can be said to serve multiple purposes.

2. Somatosensory interactive projection

Another form of projection interactive wall is somatosensory interaction, which is different from wall interaction, but all projects the screen on the wall. Users can interact with the images on the wall through body changes. In somatosensory interaction , There are many forms of interactive projection games, allowing users to experience the dual fun brought by games and technology.

3. Interactive graffiti

Interactive graffiti is also one of the realization methods of projection interactive wall. It is an interactive projection game suitable for children. Users can scan and project their own paintings on the projection interactive wall, and then they can interact with their own works by touching. This form of entertainment can not only promote children's hands-on ability, but also allow them to give full play to their imagination.

The above are several implementation forms of the projection interactive wall. It is believed that with the continuous advancement of technology in the future, it can also add more gameplay and provide users with more novel forms of entertainment.

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