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Somatosensory Interactive Projection Attracts Popularity To These Places Of Use

With the development of interactive projection technology today, a variety of projection modes have been derived. Interactive projection can be performed on the table, wall, and floor. Today, let's learn about the somatosensory interactive projection. Its appearance attracts visitors to check in for different occasions. As a souvenir, in which places can it be used? Let's find out:

1. Exhibition hall

As an emerging exhibition method, the use of somatosensory interactive projection in the exhibition hall is relatively common. It can add some interest to the serious exhibition hall design. Set up interactive projection games in the exhibition hall, and put the information you want to convey in the form of games. The form is displayed to the visitors, so that the visitors can experience the fun of the game during the exhibition.

2. Shopping mall

Merchants will set up somatosensory interactive projection walls in the rest areas of shopping malls or areas with high traffic. It does not take up a lot of space, allowing consumers to have a place to relax when they want to rest. With this This is an interactive projection game, parents do not have to worry about their children crying, and integrate some interesting knowledge into the somatosensory interaction, so that children can learn knowledge in the interaction.

3. Activities

The purpose of business activities is to attract consumers and attract attention, so the somatosensory interactive projection wall can achieve this effect very well. Businesses capture people's curiosity, attract the attention of passing people, and let them stop and visit And participate in the game, let people understand the information of the activities in the process of human-computer interaction, thereby promoting consumption.

The somatosensory interactive projection can also allow multiple people to interact with the projection content at the same time, attract a lot of popularity for the occasions where it is used, bring rich returns to businesses, and allow consumers to create a real-like interactive effect, bringing strong visual and interactive effects. experience.

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