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We usually need a hostess at the front door of a store, museum, exhibition, or hotel. We have invented a creative virtual digital greeter instead of a traditional one. The new one is cheaper than the traditional one because it doesn’t need an extra workforce. The virtual greeter can detect whether guests are coming. Then it will play a video to introduce the host place. The visitors can also touch the screen or ask the virtual greeter for all the preset questions. Once the artificially intelligent greeter knows what you want, they will give you answers kindly. In addition, we can use different kinds of display devices as the central part of a virtual greeter system, such as a projector, portrait touch screen, LED, or transparent OLED. We can choose a transparent acrylic with a figure shape or just a piece of rectangular glass for projectors. Both of them are affixed with projection films. Definitely, different display devices are used in different situations. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Two Versions

AI intelligent speech recognition Functions:

digital humans

1.Play the standby video when no one is around, and play the welcome video when no one is around.

2.Voice recognition function, no Internet required.

3.Supports various forms such as pictures, videos, voices, PDFs, web pages and text, etc., and can be set by yourself.

Simple version

portal hologram

1.Play the standby video when no one is around, and play the welcome video when no one is around.

2.Supports various forms such as pictures, videos, voices, PDF, web pages and text, etc., and can be set by yourself.

Various Styles Of Characters

Holographic Greeter

Various Display Methods

Virtual Presenter Virtual mannequins
Holographic Human Body Shape Version Regular projection version

Virtual Assistant Virtual Narrator
Transparent Display All-in-One Holographic film + glass Version

Acrylic projection screen Virtual Greeter
Holographic Led Fans Version Speech Recognition

Features And Advantage

  • Support customize new content

  • Easy install

  • Varieties Device can be select

  • Easy install.Tons of finished avatars to choose from

  • Speech Recognition

digital humans The Naked 3D LED version presents a colossal virtual greeter for you. Our huge virtual greeter welcomes your arrival in a stunning fashion.

Product Set Up

portal hologram


1.Receive sensor interactive signals

2.Run interactive software

Display Device

Any kind of digital display device like projector, Led screen, or monitor.etc


Detect interactive signals and transmit them to interactive software.


Display resolution and area: 1920 *1200 or less, 1m *1.5m or less
Interaction method: moving detect, voice command
Display Device: projectors, Holographic fan, transparent cabinte, or LCD screens

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Virtual Greeter is one of the most popular and applied products in the fields of digital multimedia and artificial intelligence. Virtual Greeter is a holographic projection that includes A One Machine Version, a Holographic film+glass Version, a Holographic Led Fans Version, a Holographic Human Body Shape Version, and Glasses free 3D Version. It projects content/visual effects (narrators) onto holographic film through a projector, presenting complete character images. It is widely used in the fields of digital multimedia and artificial intelligence, which can leave a deep impression on customers and achieve good promotional effects.

Virtual Greeter, also known as Virtual Narrator, Virtual Broadcaster, portal hologram, Holographic Greeter, Virtual Presenter, Virtual mannequins or Virtual Assistant, is a product based on holographic projection and AI Digital humans technology, displayed on Acrylic projection screen. Holographic Greeter can project interactive images of welcoming/explaining characters on a fully transparent holographic glass screen, achieving the effect of welcoming or explaining. It is usually used in exhibition halls, hotels, shopping centers, and sales offices. You can see them in the "Science and Technology" category.

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