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What does Party A need to provide for customized digital content

1. Your purpose: in case of misunderstanding the requirement of software and digital content. A brief introduction to convey your primary purpose.

2. The hardware configuration: like the resolution of the LED of projectors and the shape of the display area. If KLEADER company supply the hardware, this item can ignore.

3. The text script or storyboard of the digital content: If you want us to customize a game or software, you should provide the script of the software. For example, you could describe it like this: What background do I want? Is it 3D or 2D scene? What elements should the background involve? How does the software interact? The characters of the software. Although it’s a text script, we’d like to be as detailed as possible. If you want us to make a 3D video, We have a sample script. You can straightforwardly contact our sales for a sample script. If you can provide a storyboard of the video, It’s best for budgeting the price, and we won’t mistake the requirements.

4. Budget: We can adjust the script based on your budget. Otherwise, the script you write may well exceed your budget. Also, we will do our best to fits your needs.

5. Reference videos or pictures: You can collect similar videos or images to show what you want. That way, we needn’t double-check through communication and imagination. This way can reduce your expense.

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