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Where Can Interactive Transparent Screens Be Used?

In our work and life, we enjoy the convenience brought by science and technology all the time. Technology is actually occupying our lives. From food, clothing, housing and transportation to entertainment, we are constantly innovating. The interactive transparent screen based on the transparent screen and adding new technology, where can it be used:

1. Shopping Mall

The combination of product advertisements and interactive transparent screens may collide with new sparks. In shopping malls, some merchants will use transparent screen interactive software to display their products in the form of interactive transparent screen showcases. Novel display forms can be easily Catch the attention of consumers, and this form can not only allow consumers to see the product, but also see the advertisement of the product, killing two birds with one stone.

2. Museum exhibition hall

The use of interactive transparent screen display cabinets in museum exhibition halls is relatively new. It can not only protect cultural relics in the exhibition cabinets, but also add interactive elements to its transparent screen, allowing visitors to have a deeper understanding of history, information about cultural relics, and At the same time, interactive mini-games can be set up in the transparent screen interactive software to enhance the fun of the museum exhibition hall.

3. Scenic Spots

We often see some glass planks. In fact, some of the effects are LED interactive transparent screens. Because of its transparent material, users can see the scene under their feet, but in fact, its load-bearing capacity is very good, and safety will also be obtained Guarantee, the effect of "glass breakage" is also a special effect produced by the gravity induction of the transparent screen, allowing users to have an immersive sensory experience.

The interactive transparent screen is a relatively novel display form and an innovative entertainment method. The occasions we have seen now are only part of the use cases, and I believe it will shine in other occasions in the future.

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