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3d Animation Maker


KLEADER company has a rich experience in 3d animation maker. We can make 3D/2D animations wildly used in 3D mapping, museums, events, immersive projection, and promotional advertisements. We only need you to give us a short script, and we can quote for you. Don't be afraid that what we do is not actually what you want. We will make a storyboard that includes each second of the video and produce each key preview image for you to confirm. If you have the storyboard, we will lower the final price.

Case Video

Product Promotion Video Corporate Video
immersive video projection mapping content
We can create professional product promotional videos to make more people like your inferior products. We have a professional team to create corporate promotional videos with stunning special effects, making your company more attractive.
Glasses-free 3D Video Production Flat Glasses-free 3D Video Production
Glasses-free 3D Video Production 3d animation studio

Outdoor L-shaped naked-eye 3D displays can perfectly showcase naked-eye 3D effects, and we can create stunning naked-eye 3D videos tailored to your screen size, attracting more attention to your display.

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Flat-screen videos can also achieve a naked-eye 3D effect, and our professional production team can create screen-based naked-eye 3D videos to make your advertisements more appealing.

Cave Video Production Time Tunnel Video Production
Cave Video Production Time Tunnel Video Production
Immersive video production, tailored to your room's dimensions, creates a perfect immersive surround video that makes you feel like you're in a real video world. Time tunnel video production is a complex endeavor that requires rich expertise in the field. With years of experience in video production, we have created hundreds of time tunnel videos.
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projection mapping animation
3d animation services
Video Production
Video Production

Product Set Up


Communicate Requirements

Communicate Requirements and Refine Them Based on the Concept or Script Provided by the Client.


Create Key Frames

According to the scripts and concepts provided by the customer, create keyframes for each shot.


Material Production

Model making, animation production.



Video rendering, post-synthesis, audio synthesis.


Development tool: AE, 3d max, Maya, C4D, PS
Participants: 3D and UI designers, requirements analysts
Video levels: The total number per person per hour and the level of the workforce

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3d animation Maker is one of the most popular and applied services in the field of 3D display and Interactive Display. Video Production first needs to determine the content of the script, video style, and required materials for the video. Next, it starts to build the video scene, including the main model to be displayed, process and improve the model materials and textures, determine the viewing angle, adjust the overall flow of the image, and finally, render and test. It is widely used for 3D displays and Interactive displays.

3d animation services, also known as 3d animation studio, project mapping animation, immersive video or project mapping content is commonly used in shopping malls, outdoors, stores, restaurants, bars, and more. You can see them in the "Movies and Animations" category.

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