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Dinosaur Immersive Experience


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Explore our extensive range of dinosaur-themed products, from immersive experiences to innovative games. Dive into the past with our AR and VR games, marvel at stunning graphite wall art, and enjoy a variety of interactive, educational tools. Perfect for dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages!

Roam virtual Jurassic World

roam virtual Jurassic World

Immerse yourself in a prehistoric adventure with "Roam Virtual Jurassic World." Explore breathtaking landscapes and encounter majestic dinosaurs in this thrilling, educational journey through the Jurassic era. Step back in time and experience the ancient world like never before!

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Draw Dinosaur alive

dinosaur immersive experience

You can color various dinosaur templates on paper, create your preferred dinosaur skin, and then use a high-resolution scanner to scan your artwork. The dinosaurs you've created will then appear on the big screen, and you can interact with them.

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Pterosaur Flying Adventure

Dinosaur Fly

Players control the flight path of a pterosaur using their bodies, completing various challenges, avoiding obstacles, and earning rewards.

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Running with Dinosaurs

Museum interaction design

Two participants can choose their favorite dinosaurs, and as they run, the virtual dinosaurs will also run alongside them. Let's see who can run faster together!

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AR Zoo

Museum exhibits

With AR technology, you can interact with various dinosaurs as if they've traveled through time to the present. They stand before you, and you can take photos with them as if they're right beside you.

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3D Dinosaur Animation

Naked Eye 3D Dragon

Naked-eye 3D technology requires no additional equipment, just an LED display. A fierce Tyrannosaurus rex emerges from the screen, headbutting the glass and bursting through, as if charging right towards you.

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Jurassic Time Travel Adventure

Museum interactive games

Participants are cut out and placed into a dinosaur world, surrounded by various types of dinosaurs. You can interact with these dinosaurs.

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Jurassic Magic Wall

Jurassic Dinosaur Wall

Featuring various dinosaurs from the Jurassic period, you can touch the patterns on the wall to activate dinosaur animations.

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Ground Dinosaur Encounter Game

Dinosaur Resurrection Ground Interaction

The ground features a dinosaur skeleton, and when you step on it, a fierce dinosaur suddenly emerges from the ground, giving the experiencer a novel sensation.

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Jurassic Dinosaur Learning Park

Dinosaur Knowledge Interaction

This product introduces various dinosaur knowledge, allowing participants to interact while learning about dinosaurs.

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Dinosaur immersive experience is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of AR games and virtual reality. Dinosaur Exhibition Hall is played in the form of a projection, with the theme of "The World of Dinosaurs". It combines modern spatial aesthetic elements to showcase dinosaur knowledge, specimen display, ecological landscape restoration, and interactive multimedia to showcase the history of dinosaur origin, evolution, development, and extinction, as well as various dinosaur interactive games. It is widely used in AR games and virtual reality.

Dinosaur immersive experience, usually used as Museum exhibits, got by museum interaction design, are commonly used in tourist attractions, exhibition halls, museums, and theme pavilions. You can see them in the "Science and Technology" category.

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