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Educational Games for Kids


Educational Games for Kids


Education wall Lab is a multi-touch interactive gamification educational product. The product digitizes traditional wall games, includes 24 Educational Games for Kids, and allows children to enhance creativity and hands-on ability in exploration.

Interactive Touch Games
interactive games    


Science games

Feature And Advantage

Diversified gameplay and rich games

There are 24 different types of scientific interactive games

Simple, fun and interactive gameplay

Children interact with the game according to the simple prompts of the game, attracting children's attention!

Comprehensively exercise children's ability

The game can exercise children's innovation, logical thinking, hands-on operation and reaction ability, etc.!

Multiplayer mode

Many people can participate together at the same time and create their world together!

Multiple usage scenarios

The venue is not limited, it can quickly attract popularity, create an atmosphere, and make the environment lively!

Parent-child interaction

Children and parents participate in the cooperation together to enhance the tacit understanding between each other!

Product Set Up

    Touch game

Device Refer

[Screen]:Capacitive or Infrared touch frame

[CPU]: I5 second generation


[Hard Disk]: Solid State  120G

[Graphics Card]:Integrated

[Operating System]: Windows 10 Professional Edition

Application Scenario

interactive kids games

Educational Institution




Touch screen resolution:

Regular 2K or 4K, 55 inch or larger

Essential kits:


You are supposed to prepare a touch screen


Interactive kids games is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of interactive teaching and education. Educational Games for Kids are played using an all-in-one device. It not only brings fun to the game but also comprehensively exercises children's various abilities, enabling them to develop good habits of scientific exploration. It is a rare comprehensive puzzle science education game! It is widely used for interactive teaching and education.

Educational Games for Kids, also known as Science games, interactive kids games, Interactive Touch Games or interactive games, interactive touch screen games, touchscreen games, Touch game, are commonly used in exhibition halls, technology museums, theme pavilions, kindergartens, and shopping malls. You can see them in the "Science and Technology" category.

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