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Outdoor Art Installation


Our outdoor interactive projection experience not only creates a unique atmosphere but also allows your event participants to fully enjoy interactive games and experience an unprecedented visual impact with our 3D mapping technology. Our projection technology uses the latest protection measures to ensure clear images and stable effects even in harsh outdoor environments. Whether you want to host a breathtaking outdoor performance or create a unique ambiance, our outdoor interactive projection experience will be the most unique and exciting highlight of your event.Don't settle for an ordinary event, choose our outdoor interactive projection experience and make your event stand out, leaving your participants with unforgettable memories. Outdoor art installation Various outdoor lighting interactive installation games inspire Ideas for Kids.

Outdoor art installation

OutDoor Projection

How can we create appealing products outdoors? Outdoor projection is the most suitable, where you can utilize projection or interactive technology to craft various digital content and light effects.


The cost of traditional outdoor advertising has become increasingly high, while the effectiveness has become increasingly unclear. However, new creative interactive devices combined with outdoor advertising have opened up more possibilities, not only increasing the attractiveness of the advertising, but also allowing people to spontaneously participate and engage, and share the interesting interactions on social media for greater exposure and online traffic. Combining AR and advertising marketing activities by introducing 3D virtual images into the real world can not only personalize and animate brand and product information, but also greatly enhance the interactivity of marketing through the characteristics of virtual integration, resulting in surprising effects.

Out Door Exercise

Hiking, biking, and outdoor workouts have become increasingly popular, allowing people to exercise while enjoying beautiful scenery. We've recommended a series of outdoor fitness products for you, hoping they can inspire you to create more innovative outdoor products.

Out Door Interactive Light



Outdoor Art Installation is one of the most popular and applied products in the field of outdoor activities and interactive installation. As an emerging art, its emergence is accompanied by the progress of technology and the updating of artistic concepts. It belongs to a new branch of new media art in digital art. It provides the audience with a new cognitive experience in both the form of expression and interaction with the audience. It is precisely because of these interactive installation arts that they have brought the public closer to art. Here, people forget the "noble and cool style" of art and fully participate in it. It is widely used for outdoor activities and interactive installations.

Outdoor Art Installation, includes Interactive light games, outdoor art exhibit which are commonly used in tourist attractions, shopping malls, scenic spots, parks, stores, residential areas, and other places. You can see them in the "Tourist attractions and events" category.

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