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Transforms traditional media into new forms - virtual reality, digital installations. Interactive Artwork ideas are digital art created using devices such as sensors and displays to achieve virtual interaction between users and art.

Digital art installations offer new opportunities for viewers to participate actively in the work of art.Touching, physical participation, and social interaction are the main forms of "experience" of art.The installation can include video or 3D images that make the environment colorful, dynamic, and interactive. Special software and hardware are used to create this amazing work of art. sensors have been used that respond to the movements of visitors and draw attention to a particular element. digital art games and digital art projection are created using devices such as sensors and displays.


Art Gallery Installation

Digital Art Painting  

Using the screen of a digital picture frame to display digital art, combining art with modern technology to create a more vivid and dynamic art experience. By incorporating touch and motion sensors, interactive art frames can be created, allowing viewers to engage with the art and gain a deeper understanding of new media art while visiting art galleries. This fusion of art and technology creates a unique and innovative art display that brings traditional art forms to life in new and exciting ways.



Sound Art  

The sound sensor can be installed within an art installation, capturing and processing the sounds emitted by the audience. These sounds can then be transformed into digital content displayed on a screen, providing a more immersive and effective way to showcase the emotions and meanings expressed within the artwork. 



Human Body Digital Art Wall  


The "Human Body Digital Art Wall" utilizes sensors to capture every movement and action of the visitors. These captured movements are then transformed into artistic particles and displayed on a screen, allowing the visitors to witness their physical presence in a constantly evolving and creative form of digital art. The art particles are arranged in a way that resembles an art painting, which changes and creates in real time as the visitors move and interact with the sensors.


New Media Art Wall

The new media art wall is an interactive, large-scale art installation that merges renowned paintings with dynamic elements such as lights, screens, and projections. With every visitor trigger, the wall transforms into a unique style, creating a captivating and immersive experience. Moreover, the incorporation of different picture style changes makes the experience even more engaging. Visitors can also capture their experience and share their photos on social media, drawing in more visitors to the installation.


Electronic Art Door  

The entrance door can be transformed into a captivating piece of art with the incorporation of LED or projection display technology, showcasing a diverse array of dynamic images and interactive content to add an intriguing dimension to an otherwise ordinary entryway.



Magic Book


This book is truly magical, as each page reveals a different story waiting to be told. Not only that, but it can also serve as an art album, allowing one to showcase and explain famous paintings to visitors, providing them with a deeper understanding and appreciation of these timeless works of art.


Art Exhibition

Immersive Projection

The immersive light art exhibition utilizes holographic projection technology to transport visitors through time and space, creating a captivating visual experience that integrates wall and ground projections, naked eye 3D visuals, and a motion capture system. With each step, visitors are enveloped in a stunning art atmosphere that dynamically transforms based on their movements, providing a fun and interactive experience. We specialize in tailoring unique and personalized art exhibitions that cater to individual requirements and deliver exceptional visual and interactive experiences.


Art Lighting

Lighting art installations blend lighting, materials, sound, emotion, interaction, and various other elements, transcending the limitations of traditional sculpture and introducing innovative technological components. Our company bespoke these installations allowing for customizable lighting models and interactive content that cater to the specific atmospheric emotions the artwork intends to convey.


Interactive Exhibit

We specialize in creating an interactive art exhibition that offers visitors an infinite interactive experience. Our artwork integrates various types of interactive sensors that trigger mysterious surprises as visitors explore the exhibit. Our team is equipped to provide end-to-end services, from site design and software production to hardware equipment and exhibition installation, all tailored to suit the unique characteristics of each artwork.



Outdoor Artwork


3D mapping can be applied to art exhibitions in a variety of ways, Artists can use 3D mapping to project images or videos onto sculptures, buildings or other physical objects, creating a dynamic and interactive display. The projection can be mapped to the shape of the sculpture, highlighting its contours and creating a sense of movement. 3D mapping provides artists with a powerful tool for creating immersive and engaging art exhibitions that push the boundaries of traditional art forms.

We specialize in producing captivating 3D mapping animations that bring physical objects to life. Our comprehensive solution includes both the design and equipment necessary to deliver an exceptional show tailored to your needs.


Outdoor Creative Lighting

Innovative art lighting installation, distinct from ordinary lighting devices. Unlike traditional lighting, this device seamlessly merges sculpture art and lighting art, elevating the visual experience through cutting-edge technology. Perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor settings, its advanced waterproof and protective features ensure that it can create a stunning artistic lighting display even in the most challenging conditions. With its ability to create captivating lighting effects and enhance visual intelligence, this device is an ideal choice for businesses seeking to promote their products or services and for cities looking to attract cultural tourists with a unique and unforgettable lighting experience.


Naked Eye 3D Installation

The installation of NAKED EYE 3D technology has the potential to create a transformative public art space by utilizing a building's unique features to create a landmark that seamlessly combines art and technology. This immersive installation offers a visually stunning experience that captivates its audience. Moreover, this outdoor scene media installation can serve dual purposes - not only as a platform for artistic display but also as an advertising medium to promote and establish brand identity, consequently amplifying its overall value.



Interactive Shadows

You may walk close to a wall and see a shadow doing the exact motion copying from your motion in real time. This digital art interactive Light Exhibit is usually made up of LED screens or dot-led lights. The shadow interaction exhibit is widely set up on plazas, malls, galleries, museums, outdoor squares, or the store's exterior wall on pedestrian streets.



 Digital art games is one of the very popular and applied products in the field of interactive art and interactive installation. Art Work comes in various forms, including projection devices, audio devices, mechanical devices, interactive sculptures, etc. For example, an interactive installation artwork may be a projection interactive device controlled by touch screens or gestures, where the audience can manipulate the graphics and music in the artwork through gestures or touch. Another work may be an interactive sculpture achieved through sensors and mechanical devices, where the audience can interact and trigger the movement of the mechanical device and the playback of music. Interactive installation artworks can not only bring visual, auditory and other sensory stimuli to the audience but also inspire their imagination and creativity, triggering their thinking and exploration of technology and art. It is widely used for interactive art and interactive installation. 

 Digital art games, also known as Interactive Artwork, digital art, digital hologram, art media hologram, 3D Digital Game Art or digital art projection, is commonly used in tourist attractions, exhibition halls, museums, technology museums, art galleries, art galleries, theme pavilions, shopping malls, restaurants, and other places. You can see them in the "Science and Technology" category.

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